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Tila Tequila Got Off Her Computer for Once of the Day

It’s no secret that Tila Tequila is addicted to her computer and the internet. I like to think it is because the internet is what gave her a fake celebrity back when the suits at big media and entertainment companies were trying to tap into the internet and used the same logic they used their entire careers that the number of fans you have, or people who know about you, the more marketable your product is, when the reality is that on the internet, you can trick people into thinking you have a lot of fans and just because a motherfucker decided to accept you on myspace because you have a series of really slutty pictures it doesn’t mean they will buy your shit. So now that she’s got nothing going for her and her moment in the spotlight is clearly over and done with, she’s gone back to one on one interaction with the people, hoping for another run that I am pretty sure will never fucking happen because I like to think the execs realize that people on the internet are bored and willing to click on pretty much anything, all they have to do is check her ustream videos that only get 7,000 views and she gets fucking naked in the shit…just proving her ship has sank and that makes me fucking happy…

Here she is with her fake useless tits…unfortunately with smartphone technology, bitch can bring twitter anywhere she goes….

Pics via Fame

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