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Tyra Banks is Kim Kardashian for Halloween of the Day

Tyra Banks brought out her tits for Halloween when pretending to be fellow fat chick Kim Kardashian, which wasn’t much of a costume and more of a really bad impression you’d expect at some gay club drag show, and the whole thing is pretty boring, except for when Tyra gets all tangled up in the cardboard cutouts of the other sisters, and that’s only because watching a bitch struggle while keeping a smile on her face makes for harmless S & M fetishes. It’s when the tears and screams for help or when a bitch stops breathing come into the mix when you know you’ve gone too far…not that I like violence and sex or pain and sex or even aggression towards women, but I do like seeing someone like Tyra who thinks she’s the fucking ultimate becaue her mom encouraged her too much fuck up.

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  • Bob Smith

    It’s not a trick. You just wear an “ET” mask to look like her, then you stick 2 basketballs in your pants to mimic her gigantic ass.

    Bonus points if you get your boyfriend to put on black face and then follow you around.

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