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Mariah Carey Wears a Harness of the Day

I hear that Mariah is trying to get pregnant so that people don’t ask why her gut is so big and she figures that in another 20 years, she’ll be able to use her kid to meet new potential husbands (yes that was a bad cougar joke, it happens), unfortunately her menopausal pussy is makin’ it hard for this grandma’ that woulda been if she followed her destiny as being a half black chick from the projects, instead of getting all into herself thinking she can have a career singing 20 years ago, to get knocked up, so she’ll just have to keep showing up to events in bigger and bigger belts to cover her fuckin’ shit up and strap it fucking in.

Pics via INF

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  • Expletive(BMP)

    even though i find mariah to be uggg, i’d help her with the weight factor; we would fuck six times a day for no less than a half hour, or until one of us died, she’d be looking like a scrawny skank in no time.

  • fuckstick

    I’d scum down this lil sack a shit’s face and throat , yank her yap back from behind ….MMm Hmm ……FISH HOOK BABY !!!!!!!!!!Yank this lil cunt around and have her shit in the litter box like the well fed tabby cunt she is . Salmon cat food smeared with my semen is the catch of the day , M .

  • drunken pig

    “harness”??……Bitch should be on a leash!!

  • Sookie

    I wonder how many assistants it takes to squeeze her into her too too too tight clothes each day? I’m guessing about 6-10.

  • Bob Smith

    I would love to do the Chunky Monkey with her!

  • Ass Rocket

    I still bet she has some really great tits!!!!!!