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Sienna Miller May Have Got Work of the Day

I came across these pictures of Sienna Miller carrying papers and I’m not sure if they are her HIV Positive results, you know since she’s a dirty homewrecking whore who fucks the world whether married or not, because she only cares about herself, thanks to the asshole who made her a celebrity and gave her her first job, or maybe this is a sign of her getting actually work after her much needed time off to reflect on the kind of piece of garbage cunt she’s become with her “celebrity” and what she’s doing doesn’t matter because she looks fucking awful lately, makin’ me think her time has come and gone. Good times..

But I think she’s just better off picking up dog shit….and I’m not just saying that because that’s what her vagina smells like….

Pics via INF
Pics via Bauer

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