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Rachel Bilson’s Thick Hips in Tight Jeans Shows Off Her Box of the Day

I don’t know what that Canadian Farm Boy from Star Wars did to Rachel Bilson….I don’t know what kind of spell he’s got her under so that she doesn’t get off her ass and become the Hollywood slut she was destined to be…but I do know that nothing lasts forever and that she will realize all the fun, work and goodtimes she’s missing out on by being with his boring, miserable self…She’s looking thicker, stalkier, dull and like she’s given the fuck up. She’s lost her edge, soon she’ll be in her 30s and starting a family and all the greatness that could have been totally lost….I mean I can’t even get hard while she’s out on the street flashing her box…cuz the box she’s flashing is an actual fucking box and not the young starlet with no panties on box I want to see. It’s depressing.

Pics via Fame

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Sienna Miller May Have Got Work of the Day

I came across these pictures of Sienna Miller carrying papers and I’m not sure if they are her HIV Positive results, you know since she’s a dirty homewrecking whore who fucks the world whether married or not, because she only cares about herself, thanks to the asshole who made her a celebrity and gave her her first job, or maybe this is a sign of her getting actually work after her much needed time off to reflect on the kind of piece of garbage cunt she’s become with her “celebrity” and what she’s doing doesn’t matter because she looks fucking awful lately, makin’ me think her time has come and gone. Good times..

But I think she’s just better off picking up dog shit….and I’m not just saying that because that’s what her vagina smells like….

Pics via INF
Pics via Bauer

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Shakira’s Short Legs in Some Tight Jeans of the Day

Everyone has been freaking out about the new Shakira video that I assume has been out for a while, but that I slept on because I don’t really care about bitches who claim their breasts are small and humble, especailly when they aren’t 18 anymore, but according to all my creepy friends at the park, apparently shit is one of those music videos you can jerk off to, which hasn’t happened in a long time, and I guess she can get away with it cuz she pulls the “latin” card, you know where she claims her people are much more in touch with their sexuality and bodies, when in reality all the latin women I know have fat asses and are addicted to eating tacos and will stab you in the neck while you are sleeping because they dreamt you cheated on them, so I tend to stay away from that shit…especially when they sing with her the stupid sounds she makes with her throat that remind me of some kind of duck hunt, or tribal mating call, but I’m not gonna hate on her, even though these pics lead me to believe she’s got short, stalky legs and I hate that shit….

Pics via Fame

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Pam Anderson is Dressed In Tight White Pants of the Day

Pam Anderson is wearing all white like the virgin she wishes she was, because if she was a virgin she wouldn’t be dying of hepatitis. Despite lookin like a ravaged ex porn star with a major drug addiction, no money and skin that has enough cum embedded in the hard to reach ance scars and wrinkles that sneezing on a chick can get her pregnant, she still has a pretty hot body, if you’re into skinny girls with big fat tits, which pretty much everyone is, even if shit is on someone who looks old enough to be your grandmother, which is all part of the reason I liked working my orderly job at the old folks home, those bitches were so frail and horny that if you put the catheter in proper they’d gasp in pleasure, something that gave me lots of masturbation content, kinda like Pam Anderson has done for you, pretty much making her a modern day hero in your life, so enjoy.

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