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Jaime Pressly Looks Like and Old Piece of Shit of the Day

This bitch must have done her fair share of cocaine when she was coming up onto the celebrity stage she is now standing on because her face looks like its been through a lot and that this rise to the top has bee a hard fucking run that involved late nights, eating disorders, multiple facials and not the kind of facials she gets a luxury salons, and she looks like an old catcher mitt that has come with years of hard living and struggle, but we’d all still fuck her silly, even if her vagina looks twice as damaged as the rest of her, which it does, because she has not only fucked a lot but also because she got raped by a baby because she let one of those cumshots stick to her uterus…. and here are some pics of her….

Pics via Fame

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  • Expletive(BMP)

    I thought it best to comment about this lovely kitty approaching cougar Jamie Priestly. Since many of the latest blogs involves people i didn’t know exist and still could give a muckin futch whether they live or die, so lets move on to Jamie; Jamie isn’t old enough to be considered prime cougar material, but I’d still love to sniff on her knickers.

  • Are we looking at the same picture? I’d still lick her asshole.

  • Bob Smith

    Her picture reminds me when you have a widescreen TV and you stretch out a normal picture.

    She has definitely hit the wall hard. Like she was going 100 MPH and then that wall stopped her cold.


  • drunken pig

    ….don’t care what you say…..that’s prime “hot slut”!!

  • Ricochet

    Christ, I think she looks hotter than hell. All of you know you wouldn’t have a snowballs chance in hell with someone that gorgeous and classy. Criticism is uncalled for from the likes of us followers of DS.

  • Adam U.

    Uh, i’ll presume you’re all being sarcastic. She looks awesome, as always.

  • Adam

    Are you kidding me? I would do the most god awful things to that twat. Holy shit I would let her butt fuck me with a 9 inch strap on.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    That has a name and it is called CumCatcher.

  • Hard On

    This (ex)trailer park bitch is still sexy as hell! I have and will continue to shoot hot cum for her ass!

  • DC

    I would hit it every other weekday, and multiple times on the weekend.

  • You must be pulling our leg, man – she is incredibly fine in these pics!

  • m3

    Yeah, she’s still fuckable, but have any of you guys fucked an older woman? They have clammy and loose skin, you can tell she has it by the looks of her chest.


    Reminds me of a young Dr. Laura…

  • cowbulls

    She has one of the best asses in the world. The rest of her is damn good also.

  • Dan O

    You Must Be On Drugs For Sure , Or You Need Glasses

  • Al

    wow, why doesnt Gloria Steinhem here point at a few wrinkled old scrotums or Rod Stewarts hand-bag face. Why are women held up to this ridiculous level of hate-filled vitriol everytime a c**t – sorry – pap – get an unflattering shot?

  • Peru

    Didn’t get the comments, she looks great.

    It was supposed to be funny? Coz it wasn’t. Not even close.

    Sounds like a stupid way for the author to prove he is sooooooo cool because he writes “vagina” using his parents computer.


  • Umm You’re a jackass

    “Jaime Pressly Looks Like and Old Piece of Shit of the Day” It’s “an” not “and” you jackass. I guess you were to busy whacking off to her picture.


    Yes.No.What’s it all mean? Also, I would allow her to blow me.