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Tila Tequila’s Tampon String of the Day

I was wasting time on twitter with TheSuperficial , making fun of Tila Tequila and how useless she is, pretty much coming to the conclusion that her time in the spotlight is over and she’s bound to crawl back into her webcam whore career she had before MTV mistakenly gave her a show, pretty much laughing about how no one cares about her and that only 30,000 people watched her ustream masturbation video and her attempt to leak a sex tape backfired and for some reason she decided to shout me out, saying my name is stupid and acting like she doesn’t know me and all this other shit that is a lie, based on the fact that I was drinking vodka with her just a year ago and her people have contacted me numerous times in efforts to stop her from fading into obscurity….and that’s when her Army starts to attack me on Twitter and never have I been to exposed to such stupidity, trash and nonsense in my life and I’ve hung out with some serious idiots, making me realize that Tila has cornered the market on useless people, and those 1000 people make up her fan base, they are all she has left so she might as well go ahead and kill herself on Ustream already because they are pretty worthless themselves….

See, a Tila Tequila suicide since she’s already had a career suicide is something people would pay to see…let’s hope it goes down….and while we wait…here are some pics from Ustream of her dirty fucking tampon string…I can’t believe this is what my life has become….

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  • Volfie

    I hate it when women who are clearly porn chicks don’t make actual porn movies.

  • wow

    and who the fuck are you ? wish you had 15 min of fame ?

  • Saint_Dante

    At least if she did a pay-per-view suicide, she’d finally be EARNING the money she makes. It would be the smartest business decision that broad has ever made. LMAO!

  • fucking nasty. what kind of a pig leaves her tampon in and goes live on the internet

  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    Someone needs to tell her that there are thousands of seventeen year olds doing the same thing on camera and that is why no one is watching her anymore. Well, except the followers who think one day they might actually meet her, which they wont because if you met her on the street she would spray you in the face with mace call the cops and then sue you saying you raped and druged her.

  • hoodwinked

    ok so where the fuck is the real full video of this btw and fuck tilas army get a life i just wanna see her fuck already

  • Bob Smith

    She seems like a $5 hooker, except the $5 hooker would hide the fuse.

  • drunken pig

    Thats not a tampon!!..Its a rat feeding on whats left of her uterus!!

  • Tila needs to stick a syringe of air in to her jugular.

  • BlaBla

    And where can i watch the video? i found one version, but not the whole shit, juz the last minutes which were fucking boring

  • Cunty Cuntall

    Tampon Strings….Mmmmm. I love them. You can just pull them out before the fun starts and suck on them like a lollipop. I do this with my Mom all the time. It’s a pity that my Gramma’s all dried up now though, ’cause I’d love to taste her sweet monthly juices.

  • Yourusernameisboring

    To whom ever wrote this article –

    You need to go back to school and learn how to put periods at the end of sentences. I know you were all up in arms about Tila’s period, but seriously dude, try to look just a little less like the dumb fuck that you are.

  • ugh…

    its his m.o. to not use periods and i don’t think he would really care for your grammar critique…so SERIOSLY DUDE suck it.

  • Broomstick

    She has a hot, banging body but her face is fug, her voice is annoying and she needs to shut up and make hardcore porn already. Bitch is worthless and she knows it. I hope she dies from AIDS.

  • kah

    she is disgusting.

  • Dee

    You can’t believe what your life has become? Have you seen your sidebar??

  • umaberry

    Score 3,678,899 Team DrunkenStepfather

  • umaberry

    vs. 1 Tila