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Tila Tequila’s Tampon String of the Day

I was wasting time on twitter with TheSuperficial , making fun of Tila Tequila and how useless she is, pretty much coming to the conclusion that her time in the spotlight is over and she’s bound to crawl back into her webcam whore career she had before MTV mistakenly gave her a show, pretty much laughing about how no one cares about her and that only 30,000 people watched her ustream masturbation video and her attempt to leak a sex tape backfired and for some reason she decided to shout me out, saying my name is stupid and acting like she doesn’t know me and all this other shit that is a lie, based on the fact that I was drinking vodka with her just a year ago and her people have contacted me numerous times in efforts to stop her from fading into obscurity….and that’s when her Army starts to attack me on Twitter and never have I been to exposed to such stupidity, trash and nonsense in my life and I’ve hung out with some serious idiots, making me realize that Tila has cornered the market on useless people, and those 1000 people make up her fan base, they are all she has left so she might as well go ahead and kill herself on Ustream already because they are pretty worthless themselves….

See, a Tila Tequila suicide since she’s already had a career suicide is something people would pay to see…let’s hope it goes down….and while we wait…here are some pics from Ustream of her dirty fucking tampon string…I can’t believe this is what my life has become….

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