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Kimberly Stewart’s Useless Ass in Jeans of the Day

Here are some pictures of Rod Stewart’s mistake who moved to Hollywood to live off her ridiculous trust fund like she was a celebrity of her own. Trying to do the whole Paris Hilton thing she was doing a decade ago, but for some reason shit just never worked out for her. She never got picked up, she never got work, she never got a fanbase, she was just some bitch going in an out of clubs and the whole thing left her just lookin’ old and washed up, wishing she had more of a relationship with her dad, other than just access to his money that he gives her to keep her the fuck away from his new life because he’s too busy masking his sexuality by spending all his free time with his fifth manly blonde model wife and his four younger, less fucked up kids who he actually has some confidence in since he’s learned where he went wrong in making this Kim Stewart and her ass in demin his trial run that fucked up along the way…..

Pics via Fame

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