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Summer Glau in Her Short Skirt of the Day

I have no idea who Summer Glau is and I really have no idea why I am posting these pictures. I know she’s not in a fucking bikini or in her underwear or flashing her panties, pussy or fucking tities. She’s not even showing a little ass crack. She’s just walking down the fucking street with some dude….and I took the time to upload this shit to my site like it was news….but maybe it was some message from above like some ESP shit, telling me that I need to do this for some reason…maybe cuz she’s gonna be in a horrible accident or become relevant, or maybe it’s just because she was on some shitty TV show that only virgins watched, since I only have virgin readers…unfortunately not the kind of virgins I want to pay to pop…but the kind of virgin who can’t get a job cuz they are too busy polishing their action figures, masturbating and hanging out on the internet in their mom’s basement….

Pics via Fame

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