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Summer Glau’s FHM Video of the Day

Summer Glau did FHM in April so it is only natural that I’d be posting her FHM video 5 months after the fact because a fan emailed it into me and I saw it on other sites and felt pressure to put it up cuz half naked bitches are a timeless thing…even if you have no idea who they are….you know like diamonds, they are forever….with no timeline as long as it is capturede on film….cuz I know first hand that I can jerk off to vintage porn starring bitches who are likely dead now as well as I can jerk off to new porn….which unfortunately for me isn’t that well dude to impotence, hard living and an inability to get off to porn cuz I’m desensitized, but you get what I’m saying….

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Summer Glau Flexible in a Leotard for The Cape of the Day

I don’t know who Summer Glau is, but I know she’s flexible enough for me….

Then again, the last time I fucked a girl who could get off the couch on her own was a decade ago, so I’ve got pretty low expectations when it comes to flexibility…

Apparently she has a following of virgin losers thanks to shitty gigs in shitty TV shows that gat canceled, but here she is in some shit called The Cape, wearing a leotard, doing some gynmastic shit, and as far as I’m concerned….I’m down.

She also did some Tyler Shields, fake artist photographer to the stars, video that sucks, cuz that’s just how Tyler Shields works….wearing similar outfit…cuz I guess that’s her hustle…

Here are the pics…

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Summer Glau in the Worst Kind of Topless of the Day

I fucking hate when these magazines try to sex up a bitch by getting her half naked, but catering to her needs as someone who doesn’t want to be half naked, cuz that will ruin their image to the losers who watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, who are either virgins or trying to learn the English language cuz they just moved here from a remote island and don’t know better…

You see, there’s nothing topless about this shit cuz she’s covering up more than if she had a fucking shirt on. If you’re gonna get topless at least be fucking topless, I’m not saying show the world your nipples, I get that you want to stay wholesome for the weirdo who thinks you are his bride as he masturbates in his mom’s basment plotting how he is gonna stalk you, but at least do shit with a little more fucking body in it…she might as well be posing in a cardboard box peaking her fucking head out…and maybe that’d be more erotic you know cuz of the whole bag lady fetish I know you all have…

I get the whole naughty girl…waiting for you to come home to show you what her dad taught her in the backyard at the campground that summer…but seriously, I need more ass and tittis in my lad mag…but here’s your preview that may be just a tease to something good…

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Summer Glau in Her Short Skirt of the Day

I have no idea who Summer Glau is and I really have no idea why I am posting these pictures. I know she’s not in a fucking bikini or in her underwear or flashing her panties, pussy or fucking tities. She’s not even showing a little ass crack. She’s just walking down the fucking street with some dude….and I took the time to upload this shit to my site like it was news….but maybe it was some message from above like some ESP shit, telling me that I need to do this for some reason…maybe cuz she’s gonna be in a horrible accident or become relevant, or maybe it’s just because she was on some shitty TV show that only virgins watched, since I only have virgin readers…unfortunately not the kind of virgins I want to pay to pop…but the kind of virgin who can’t get a job cuz they are too busy polishing their action figures, masturbating and hanging out on the internet in their mom’s basement….

Pics via Fame

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