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Summer Glau Flexible in a Leotard for The Cape of the Day

I don’t know who Summer Glau is, but I know she’s flexible enough for me….

Then again, the last time I fucked a girl who could get off the couch on her own was a decade ago, so I’ve got pretty low expectations when it comes to flexibility…

Apparently she has a following of virgin losers thanks to shitty gigs in shitty TV shows that gat canceled, but here she is in some shit called The Cape, wearing a leotard, doing some gynmastic shit, and as far as I’m concerned….I’m down.

She also did some Tyler Shields, fake artist photographer to the stars, video that sucks, cuz that’s just how Tyler Shields works….wearing similar outfit…cuz I guess that’s her hustle…

Here are the pics…

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  • J-Dizzle

    If you’ve ever seen the show Firefly or the movie Serenity, she plays one of the ladies on there. Believe the name was River. Then again, the only female i cared abou was Inara (Morena Baccarin).

  • Hate This Bitch

    I’ve always hated this girl. Her forehead is too fucking big and her worshiping followers from Firefly need to get fucked. Firefly was OKAY, but it doesn’t make her some sort of goddess (she’s a 6 or a 7 at best) and it doesn’t make Joss Whedon a genius (he’s a fat fuck who thinks he’s the greatest thing to happen to entertainment. Fuck him and his male pattern baldness).

  • Holy cunt nuts. No wonder geeks every where have wet crotch stains on the slacks.

  • Left-Right, Repeat…

    I like her. I know, I know, I’m a virgin loser.

  • Cuthbert

    Another virgin loser here. The Cape was good. Doesn’t change the point of posting pics showing her… flexibility… but figured I would throw in my unwanted 2 cents.