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Eva Mendes Ass in the Bad Lieutenant Movie of the Day

We’ve all seen Eva Mendes and her tits naked in other movies, making this clip of her ass in fishnets and panties really not that exciting, especially since getting naked and showing her whore ass is the easiest fucking way to get ahead, making her nothing but a cheap prostitutes, who should be doing something better with her life, instead of being exploited by white people. As a Mexican and Hispanic, I can say we’ve gone to fucking far as a race of people for our hot women to be used as dirty little whores whether in Hollywood or anywhere, so let us do what we do best and put her back in the cheap hotel room she should be cleaning…at least that is honest work….

I guess it’s nice to Nic Cage working again….

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    It was a boring ass movie, even with that fine ass in it.

    Least she could do was throw some nipple into it to make the movie at least bearable to watch.

  • Godfather Jawja

    Eva Mendes ass is always welcome. When is Nick going to come to grips with that shag carpet. That farce has been going on for far too long.

  • jeez

    Nic Cage sucks.

  • fred

    …learn to write, dude

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