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Alicia Keys Was a Pretty Slutty Kid of the Day

Here is a video of Alica Keys from the Cosby Show. I actually remember this scene from back then because I found it pretty creepy, but obviously forgot it until seeing this video. I just assumed the girl went onto a career of prostitution or stripping, dealing with the emotional trauma of being molested by Bill Cosby…you know his J-E-L-L-O all up in her but instead she grew up to be Alicia Keys…

This would never get on TV today…probably a good thing….or maybe sad that a man can’t innocently slap a kids ass without getting called a pervert when it’s really harmless…despite Cosby totally fitting the molester profile….from being a kid educator….to having shows about kids in order to be around kids…but I guess it doesn’t matter….

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  • bob vance

    i want her too sit on my face

  • kay

    Alicia was an ugly kid, God im sorry but she was