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Sarah Michelle Gellar in her One Piece for a Movie of the Day

It’s been a real big week for Sarah Michelle Gellar. First I wrote about how she’s pretty much fallen off the map and no one cares about her, except maybe some of her Buffy fans, because Buffy fans are usually pretty loyal, since they have little else going on, especially when it comes to pussy, even though it’s been decades since that shit was on the air, and now she’s in a movie wearing one-piece bathing suits and simulating sex and masturbating, I’m not really sure what the fuck is going on, but I definitely know this role is not comin’ in at the peak of her career, we’re into the sunset years..Good Bye Sarah Michelle Gellar, at least your fans will remember you with their multiple box sets of the Buffy Complete series, in the event one gets scratched, along with photocopies of every single picture this bitch was ever in before being in roles like this shit called Veronika Decides to Die cuz she’s gotta pay the bills….and I know still get you off….

Here’s the masturbating…

Here’s the boring Sex scene….

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  • PenDoosh

    Fucking Lame.

  • jeez

    What drug is she on?

  • Loppy

    She’s still cute, but at age 32 she needs to stop fucking around and get her tits out.

  • Joey Jo Jo

    Poor Sarah, My god she did not age too well.

  • cowbulls

    Wooo, she looks worn out.