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Tila Tequila Bottom Feeding of the Day

So I go from an actress who kept to herself, who was relatively low key, especially the last few years who despite a bad choice in husbands, really didn’t bother me at all. She was in good movies, she was a good actress, she was cute and fun to see in movies, who passed away before her time, a tragedy, whether it was suicide, drug addiction, mixing prescriptions or her diabetes….to this piece of fucking garbage Tila Tequila bottom feeding whore, who is loud to get noticed, who pretends to be a dyke to get noticed and who sluts it up to get noticed. She is trash and low grade meat and even her staged scenes to get noticed lack any fucking edge, substance or creativity. She is someone who I’m sure everyone can agree would be better off dead, or at least our society would be better off with her dead because she is the fucking devil, I just don’t understand how she hasn’t killed herself yet, or how she can be so delusional to think she’s got value on this earth…

Now she’s gone a recruited some heiress to the Johnson and Johnson fortune named Casey Johnson who clearly is trying to piss off some family members and pave her own way like she was Paris Hilton and like all old money families there’s almost always one misguided whore to bring down the rest of them thanks to not having to work….even though I can only imagine hanging with Tila Tequila would feel like a job, a real horrible fucking job, worse than shoveling horse shit, or anything that Dirty Jobs show has been on and I”m just talking about her pussy…something she wouldn’t have been keeping in panties when on her quest for fame if she was really serious about getting noticed…I can always tell how committed a bitch is to a cause based on how much pussy lip she shows….


Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Yawn. Why are you posting pictures of trannies on this site?

  • Mick

    hmmmm…are there pimples on Teq’s pussy, or are the flies just glad to see her?

  • kim

    gross it looks like a fuzzy eggplant

  • Expletive(BMP)

    fuck fuck fuck fuck goose MUTHAFUCKER!

  • Pete

    I don’t give a fuck, I would fuck that

  • vinny

    And the difference between her and the kardashians??.oh.yeah.right …One got married and another had a baby…..NO other woman on earth has done these things before.

  • marlon

    anala rape that bitch, blood everywhere

  • JayRo

    A real big penis man like me cant hit a woman who tattles like a 4 year old. This bitch almost got Shawn marrion doing serious time for a false rape claim. Even though I would have liked for that gaylord Shawn marrion to have gone to prison for life, it still dont make it right to make up stories about being raped. This bitch has some real psychological problems that cant be fixed with a dick slap to the face or good dicking in her wet overused cum mitten.

    Be careful of these poultry birds who fly the coup and have psychological problems and because of it they make good males pay with false prison claims. I’m not saying this because I have had a female make a false claim on me and made me sit in county for a whole weekend because she was upset with me for going out all weekend with her car. I am just letting some of you understand that a poultry bird can be a fowl bitch so keep your nose clean and watch out for the Popo.

  • Jayro

    Err Shawn Marriman, forgot how to spell that faggots name.