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Lindsay Lohan Still Topless for Muse of the Day

Lohan is really getting a lot of airplay for this photoshoot. I haven’t seen so much Lohan coverage since she flashed her pussy years ago. It’s like every week this bullshit hipster fake art magazine releases another shot of her tits and all the virgin blogs go nuts for the shit, even though Lohan’s been done for a long fucking time and even if she released niche fetish videos like fucking used tampons or getting her ear cummed in or whatever the hot new porn trends are, I would have bet most people wouldn’t care. I guess I was wrong and there’s still more Lohan to be had, unless of course she dies of cardiac arrest or other “natural causes” before that time comes….and it doesn’t really matter because she has great tits…that I would want to use like I was Muse to get noticed…

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