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Sienna Miller in a Bikini with Her Mom of the Day

The good news for Sienna Miller is that despite everyone else in the world turning their backs on her, from friends, to possible bosses, business partners, producers and directors, editors of magazines, photographers, and scriptwriters, even the mailman has given up on this bitch….but through it all she has one rock to lean up on and that rock is her overweight mother who she is in a bikini on the beach with in these pictures….

The other good news is that I am convinced there are bottom feeders out there, willing to attach themselves to her celebrity and feed her drugs, pretty much stealing her career but taking as many pictures of her demise until ending up dead in her shower, only to be found be her one true friend, fan and supporter….her mom…like she was Brittany Murphy, and the reason I am convinced there are bottom feeders just waiting to move in on her when she is feeling low enough, is because I am one of them….

Pics via INF

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  • Drunken Pig

    Hollywood sperm-bank!!

  • Danny

    Well, that certainly explains a lot, yeah?