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Shitty Mistress of the Day

Some Mistress was mad that her married boyfriend went back to his wife. She put up billboards to embarrass the guy who is a pretty big player and involved in US politics and I’ll I have to say is that dude should not have been dating a sister. Black girls are fucking insane….and as a black man dude should have been aware of that…I can think of a few places this bitch could have better spent her money than on her own selfish needs and ego cunt behavior….Like Haiti. Greedy fucking pig.

When bitches get down with married men who they know are married they are playing with fire and it excites them – when they try to throw it back in your face and ruin you because of it they are just straight up cunts. I will never understand the way a woman thinks or how she thinks this is cool or going to accomplish anything…she just looks like a desperate twat who I hope never gets dick again.

This is just another reminder that if you are going to cheat on your wife, be smart about it and fuck an escort. Don’t fuck a girl who you know, or who you work with, no matter how badly you want to get inside her. Don’t fuck someone in your neighborhood or who knows your wife. Don’t even fuck anyone who can find you on Facebook. Fuck a whore. It is their job. That is what they do. It will never get out, unless you’re a pussy who needs to confess out of guilt because you want an honest relationship, in which case just don’t fucking cheat, it’s gonna cause headaches like this shit.

Here’s more on the story , if you care

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