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Shitty Mistress of the Day

Some Mistress was mad that her married boyfriend went back to his wife. She put up billboards to embarrass the guy who is a pretty big player and involved in US politics and I’ll I have to say is that dude should not have been dating a sister. Black girls are fucking insane….and as a black man dude should have been aware of that…I can think of a few places this bitch could have better spent her money than on her own selfish needs and ego cunt behavior….Like Haiti. Greedy fucking pig.

When bitches get down with married men who they know are married they are playing with fire and it excites them – when they try to throw it back in your face and ruin you because of it they are just straight up cunts. I will never understand the way a woman thinks or how she thinks this is cool or going to accomplish anything…she just looks like a desperate twat who I hope never gets dick again.

This is just another reminder that if you are going to cheat on your wife, be smart about it and fuck an escort. Don’t fuck a girl who you know, or who you work with, no matter how badly you want to get inside her. Don’t fuck someone in your neighborhood or who knows your wife. Don’t even fuck anyone who can find you on Facebook. Fuck a whore. It is their job. That is what they do. It will never get out, unless you’re a pussy who needs to confess out of guilt because you want an honest relationship, in which case just don’t fucking cheat, it’s gonna cause headaches like this shit.

Here’s more on the story , if you care

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Kelly Osbourne Shitty Bikini Pictures of the Day

I realize that any picture of Kelly Osbourne would be shitty, but if bitch is gonna get in a bikini and have pictures taken of her, I’m pretty fucking willing too look and laugh at her imperfections, especially since she’s probably at her fittest because she’s been on that Dancing with the Girl who has a Famous Father show, dancing all day training, but even if she was at her fattest I’d want to see it. I’m the kind of guy who likes watching trainwrecks even though they aren’t that pleasant to watch, especially if those train wrecks are half naked…

Either way here she is with her homosexual boyfriend who she gets the same haircut as because she thinks it means they are actually in love, while he’s just trying to ride her coatails to the endless supply of cock fame in America will bring him, but sometimes, I guess ignorance is bliss…like back when I used to think arabs were just people in pajamas who didn’t understand why we wore everyday clothes when you could be comfy in your PJs, before I realized they wore those pajamas to hide suicide bombs….Those were the good years….

I love that they captured her fat self that can’t control her fat self and starts eating one of her hats….

Pics via Bauer

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Rihanna is Seriously a Piece of Shit Performer of the Day

Just because Rihanna tells me that she’s finally back and that the wait is over, doesn’t mean I ever noticed she was gone or wanted her to come back. She polluted our world with a domestic abuse story that really should have stayed behind closed doors, because listening to a bitch complain about how her boyfriend beat her may be arousing to some, really bores me and if anything annoys me. I don’t care that they claim she is helping women around the world, that’s just part of their lies, the same lies that tell us she’s worth listening to or that this is all part of her bullshit healing process. Seriously, get rid of this bitch, get her on a one way propellor flight back home and Aalyiah her ass. Seriously, it’s gone on too long and I think it’s time to say goodbye.

On the positive side of things, at least she got one thing right and that’s that she’s getting fat. Now she just needs to come to terms with her shitty singing ability….Here are the pics….of her and her annoying fans who don’t realize she’s trash…

Here’s the video proof that Rihanna needs to take on Lip Syncing….or at Least Get Herself Autotune…She Sounds Like Pure Shit….

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Rachel Bilson Looks Shitty in Shorts of the Day

So this is what Rachel Bilson actually looks like….interesting…..

She’s go short pasty legs, looks pretty sloppy and unshowered like a bitch suffering from some kind of depression cuz she can’t get work and hates her life, she may even be a little chubby….but I can’t really tell because I am blinded by brightness of her white legs, like she’s shining a fucking flashlight in my eyes or some shit…..

I guess some people like to call this the look of someone who has given up, I like to call it the look of someone about to get marriage and the point of all this is to say, I’d still fuck her.

Pics via Fame

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Amanda Bynes and Her Shitty See Through Shirt of the Day

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Remember Amanda Bynes, well here she is in a shitty see through shirt showing all you perverts that she’s not 12 anymore and actually has a little tit. I got nothing much to say because I am hung the fuck over but I just had a funny experience at the pharmacy with my friend. He needed to get some Vaseline for his dicksores and I went with him, not because he needed emotional support, but because I had nothing better to do and didn’t realize how gay we would look. So we get up to the cash to pay and dude puts down a tub of vaseline, a pack of baby wipes, duct tape and some lady speed stick and I run in throwing some candy, tweezers and chocolate syrup for my wife onto his bill, and the cashier just gave us a smirk like she knew what we were up to. Part of me wanted to be all “it’s not like that, we’re not up to no faggot shit” but realized why bother and that it was funnier to let her think she just was involved in facilitating some weird fat, hungover Mexican fetish anal sex party. I guess kinda like I feel involved in faciliating your weird Amanda Bynes dressed like a boy in her soccer movie masturbation by posting these pictures. Enjoy.

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