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Rihanna is Seriously a Piece of Shit Performer of the Day

Just because Rihanna tells me that she’s finally back and that the wait is over, doesn’t mean I ever noticed she was gone or wanted her to come back. She polluted our world with a domestic abuse story that really should have stayed behind closed doors, because listening to a bitch complain about how her boyfriend beat her may be arousing to some, really bores me and if anything annoys me. I don’t care that they claim she is helping women around the world, that’s just part of their lies, the same lies that tell us she’s worth listening to or that this is all part of her bullshit healing process. Seriously, get rid of this bitch, get her on a one way propellor flight back home and Aalyiah her ass. Seriously, it’s gone on too long and I think it’s time to say goodbye.

On the positive side of things, at least she got one thing right and that’s that she’s getting fat. Now she just needs to come to terms with her shitty singing ability….Here are the pics….of her and her annoying fans who don’t realize she’s trash…

Here’s the video proof that Rihanna needs to take on Lip Syncing….or at Least Get Herself Autotune…She Sounds Like Pure Shit….

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Rihanna Sucked at Singing in High School of the Day

Here’s a big surprise. Rihanna couldn’t sing when she was in high school and that must mean she’s a talentless whore who is over produced in the studio to the point of selling a ton of records with songs that are constantly on the radio or in clubs, to the point where me and every one I know know all the fuckin’ words to them.

So this teaches us two things. One, that you don’t need to have talent or skills to be successful, you need to know how to suck a good dick and manipulate that dick into giving you what you want so you should just drop out of school now because it’s a waste of time. The second thing is that if something is marketed enough the general public will get tricked into thinking it is good even when it’s not because we’re all fuckin’ drones to that shit who are easily manipulated.

When I was in high school there was this mutant lookin’ girl in my 8th grade class. All the cool guys who hated me because I was an import were convinced that she was hot because she had tits and hips, while the other girls didn’t. At first I protested and told them bitch looked like a fuckin mutant man who was in some kind of horrible car accident that left her face lookin’ like the mess that it was, but they wouldn’t budge and called me a fag for thinking that, repeatedly, while beating me up and giving me wedgies because playing with boys underwear was something anyone who thought this bitch was hot would do. Eventually, I started to believe and figured there was something wrong with me for not wanting to fuck her, so I ended up rubbing it out to her yearbook pictures during the weekly circle jerk despite thinkin’ she was a broken down pick up truck of a girl, but because I just wanted to fit in.

I guess that’s the same kind of thing that happens every time anyone dances to a Rihanna song or watches her video, but that’s just because circle jerks aren’t going anywhere. They’re here for life. That must make you happy. Weirdo.

Here are some pictures of Rihanna and Chris Brown in a Pool Together Because They are Fuckin’ or Pretending to Fuck to Help Record Sales….because they are both pretty popular now so it only seems natural…so natural it should be on the nature channel.

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