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Rihanna is Seriously a Piece of Shit Performer of the Day

Just because Rihanna tells me that she’s finally back and that the wait is over, doesn’t mean I ever noticed she was gone or wanted her to come back. She polluted our world with a domestic abuse story that really should have stayed behind closed doors, because listening to a bitch complain about how her boyfriend beat her may be arousing to some, really bores me and if anything annoys me. I don’t care that they claim she is helping women around the world, that’s just part of their lies, the same lies that tell us she’s worth listening to or that this is all part of her bullshit healing process. Seriously, get rid of this bitch, get her on a one way propellor flight back home and Aalyiah her ass. Seriously, it’s gone on too long and I think it’s time to say goodbye.

On the positive side of things, at least she got one thing right and that’s that she’s getting fat. Now she just needs to come to terms with her shitty singing ability….Here are the pics….of her and her annoying fans who don’t realize she’s trash…

Here’s the video proof that Rihanna needs to take on Lip Syncing….or at Least Get Herself Autotune…She Sounds Like Pure Shit….

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Guess The Pantless Pig of the Day

I know pigs are never supposed to wear pants but guess who didn’t wear pants again ….come on…I’ll give you three guesses…if you said “tranny lookin’ broken down rich kid who craves attention because she’s ugly and does it by making a mockery of gay people and their gay lifestyles by spitting out cliches about things she thinks they can relate to and who only has gay fans from FAUX-MOs or the kind of fag who is a real fag because he takes dick in his mouth/ass/wherever, but isn’t a real fag in his core, because he’s doing it as a fashion statement to justify why he’s such a fuckin’ loser in his mid western town and does every annoyingly gay thing possible because he saw it on tv, like a Perez Hilton for example”…then you win absolutely nothing…

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