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Kirsten Dunst Brought Her Teeth Out of Hiding of the Day

It looks like Kirsten Dunst decided to make an appearance. I can’t tell if she bothered taking a shower since that’s not really her style, because I am struggling to remember who she is. I just know that I used to jerk off to her before she turned into a greasy, disgusting mess of a woman. I liked that she was young almost as much as I liked her big tits on her small frame, but that was before realizing that big tits on a small frame weren’t quite enough to keep my fantasies alive and by the time she was pussy that falls off and starts drinking heavy into the gutter, something I fucking love, I already forgot who she was….and here are her teeth in action for real old times….

Pics via Fame

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  • Anony

    Too drunk to get her teeth fixed…

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