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Michelle Trachtenberg Does Complex of the Day

You pervert virgin losers who used to masturbate to Michelle Trachtenberg back when she was on Buffy, because for some reason, Buffy really appealed to perver virgin losers, who were some of the most committed fans any TV show has ever seen, so committed that they still email me asking me to post more bullshit on the bitches from that show, and I guess I shouldn’t hate on it, since I never saw the shit, maybe it really was a life changing, revolutionary show and the people who tattooed the shit on their dicks, or who stapled pictures of Trachtenberg to their pillows, should be happy…..She just did a hot photoshoot for Complex, remember hot is a relative term, and despite her ignoring me on the internet all these years I’ve reached out to her because I thought her career was dead, but apparently she’s on Gossip Girl. I don’t consider her a friend, or really all that relevant but I know that you consider her your wife of 10 years (or however long the show has been off the air) and mother of your imaginary child (because that’s what happens when you get imaginary married) and you haven’t met her yet. I guess that’s part of her appeal….

Follow This Link To See The Photoshoot

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  • Drunken Pig

    That red lipstick should be imprinted on the base of my shaft!!

  • Jeff Little

    uggly little bitch