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Lily Allen Shows Off Her Thick Legs at the Tennis Game of the Day

I wonder what goes through Lily Allen’s mind when she puts on a pair of shorts. Is she just a typical hipster who takes pride in not showering, having a huge bush and wearing dirty clothes, or is she legitimately just a lazy fucking pig. I mean there really is no way to tell because none of us know her and I guess who really cares why her legs are they way they are, the fact of the matter is that they are the way they are.

It’s like my wife is fucking pig too, only we try to keep her as covered up as possible, because it is humilating when the bathing shit or dress that shows off her fat ankles come out, so I can relate to whoever is fucking Lily Allen, except in their case she has a lot of money and celebrity and other perks to make fucking her fat ass a lot more acceptable than me, but that makes her public display of disgusting even more unacceptable…

Maybe that’s why she got covered up in the blanket while watching bitches being physical while she just sat there with her fat hanging over the sites of the stadium chairs….and really who cares. Lily Allen is fucking over anyway…

Pics via Fame

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  • Drunken Pig

    Whoose Lily Allen??…is she related to Woody??..anyways her knees are dirty…and thats a good thing!!

  • HornyLohanWanker

    She needs to smoke more, I really hate seeing pictures of her not puffing away.

    Ruins the woody!

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    (610): I just sent a picture of my dick to a girl, her phone gave her an error message “attachment was much too large to be sent to your device”

    (613): she was blowing me and I farted, she gave me a high five and kept going.

    (740): I would plow her like an amish guy supporting his family

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  • bob vance

    i’d hit it

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