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Victoria Beckham on the Beach of the Day

Victoria Beckham was on the beach and she did what any mother of 3 should do and that was stay the fuck out of a bikini. Sure this bitch is skinny and has fake tits and in theory would be decent to see half naked like any stripper, but the truth is that any girl is good to see half naked no matter how meaty, destroyed, plastic or cold and dead their pussy is, or no matter how fat they are….because in the best case situation we can jerk off to them and best case we can laugh at them…

God knows why she’s rockin an Independent Truck Company hat, but can only assume it is because she’s taken up skateboarding and that’s all I have to say about that….

Pics via Fame

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    I want to gnaw on her surgically enhanced nipples.

    Think she would feel it?

  • Drunken Pig

    You just know she’s at home getting worked over by the pool boy and gardner while David is out getting some fresher pelt!!

  • TAT

    everyday she is photographed with barely there clothes and her boobs popping out – then she is at the beach all covered up?????