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Keira Knightley Valentines Day Love Story Gone Wrong of the Day

I am posting this picture because it made me laugh….I love how they circled the motherfucker, but that’s just because I love mentally unstable losers muster up the courage to find their wifes who don’t know they are their wives are and let them know how angry they are for them being unloyal bitches who never come home at night, who ignore them even when they are so close to each other, and who pretend they aren’t in love when clearly they are, otherwise how did they get married crazy…..

Either way, here’s the love story behind it…look how happy they are together, before she turned on him and got him arrested. It is the perfect idea for all your Valentine’s Day plans, cuz you’re fucking creeps…

FILE picture dated February 2 2010 of Keira Knightley leaving her nightly performance in “The Misanthrope” at London’s Comedy Theatre, watched by Marek Daniluk (rear, right). Daniluk, 41, has been charged with harrassment after waiting for the 24-year-old actress outside the theatre. It is alleged the Polish national, who is understood to have mental health difficulties, grabbed the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star’s arm and demanded she answer questions. He was arrested on Thursday February 4 2010 and appeared before the City of Westminster magistrate’s court on Saturday.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • Expletive:BMP

    you’ll have deranged fans, that’s a given, regardless if you’re al sharpton lada gaga, beyounce or hayzeus martinez, some one out there will what to finger rape you in the hidden places where no one can hear you scream, facts of fame and life, that’s why me, when i’ve finished writing my awesome stories, i’ll wear a mask and call my self an immigrant from a distant land, and wear mask all the time, and have others of my group handle the business part of it while i continue as sans spiritual leader; that way when i do nonsense, no one knows it’s me to collect on my jib jab.

  • Expletive:BMP

    and yes, there’s mistakes in my post, and no i won’t use microsoft word and other such shit, jesus martinez doesn’t, and that’s why i envy him, so i’m all natural like he is— you take the good with the bad when posting.

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    ^^BMP…After years of reading your stupid shit…yeah it’s still
    stupid shit!!

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    Hey honey, just the guy’s questions and it will be fine. Spend a little more time with the fans. Even the nutjobs.