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Haylie Duff Ugly Watch of the Day

Remember when Haylie Duff thought she had what her sister had since they were from the same womb, so she took her ugly face and tried to make it famous, you probably don’t because it only lasted a week, but it was pretty funny to watch . It was that whole older sister unable to accept the younger sister is just better than her, before having to deal with it but still finding restitution by spending her sister’s money and milking her sister’s name to live the good life. You showed her Haylie…you fucking dog of a woman….seriously, she doesn’t look human, it’s like if you could have everything go wrong in the womb, you’d end up with this….I think I’ve sketched cartoons that are hotter than this and I don’t know how to draw…seriously, what the fuck am I lookin’ at, I can’t figure it out, I juse know it is scary….especially for the guy who dates her to get to Hilary….he has to look this in the face and tell her he loves her before fucking her all to get invited to meet the family…that’s some fucking committment to the cause….ok, enough of this….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • hammond egger

    GUH! Her ugliness almost reaches Sarah Jessica Parkerish levels.

  • HornyLohanWanker

    Mr. Ed called and reported his daughter missing. Said she was dressed in some purple outfit. Said we couldn’t miss her.

    I wish I could.

  • Expletive:BMP

    Yes she’s fucking hideous, but then, so am I, that would be fucking win if I could fuck her.

  • Drunken Pig

    I concur!!…total SJP horse-face!!

  • hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  • Bob Smith

    She knows she’s #2, so she will try harder to please.

  • dan plopp

    do you think she would be a three input girl?

  • HB

    Um, she looks okay to me. Maybe she’s not the hottest girl I’ve ever seen, but I would hardly call her ugly. If this is what you consider ugly, your standards must be set unrealistically high. I clicked on a link to this expecting her to look horrible, and she doesn’t. Then I realized you’re just kind of a tool.

  • Bob Smith

    She’s not ugly by normal girl standards, she’s average. By celebrity standards, she’s ugly and untalented.

    To be fair though, that describes most of the people on American Idol.

  • cheryl

    yeah, she’s kinda ugly, but to be fair, so is her sister.

  • cheryl

    & don’t forget, she played the cool, hot chick in Napolean Dynamite.

  • Nudgie

    Don’t forget – she’s already had plastic surgery too!!!

  • Tek

    And this is her AFTER the plastic surgery! I suggest you dig up some pix of her before she got knifed up to see how hideous she was then!

  • Bickus Dickus

    I’d hit that shit til the morning hours. I’d fuck that pussy dry, then fuck her ass, then make her lick her shit off my cock before I came all over her face, then I’d make her rub it in real good, that way I’d know the next time she kissed her sister hello, that Hillary would be really tasting some microscopic remnants of my shit and jizz….that’s right….

  • Fati

    You are just unnecessarily mean. She is not pretty like Hillary, but she is by no means ugly. If she was a regular girl you met in real life, you’d think she was hot. I would really like to take a peak at all of you beauty queens. Jealous assholes.

  • alisa

    i agree with fati………. celebrities are given such unrealistic standards… its pathetic…. they are just human like the rest of us….

  • daisy

    she just needs to do a lil bit of Heidi “Montagging” on her face and then all will be good

  • Bob Smith

    Is Fati a fatty?

  • dude

    No, but Fati is Retardi

  • robert

    nice outfit, but every time i see that horse-shaped face of hers i want to feed it an apple

  • alyssa r

    i think she’s pretty.. she has a better body then hilary but hilary has a better face whatever no1s perfect but she is def. not ugly by any means

  • sunshine

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