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Penelope Cruz is the Nose I Want to Fuck of the Day

Girls with big noses are usually scary, monster looking bitches who can’t suck my dick proper because my dick’s so small that I had to ask the doctor if it was actually a dick.

They only get the tip in their mouth before bumpin against my pubic wall, embarrassing all parties involved, except me, because I have no shame. I just spin it on them having the birth defect and not me, even if I know that’s not entirely true, but unlike Tiger Woods, I don’t admit to my shortcomings, I spin them in a way that I come out on top and bitch ends up stripping to save up enough money to get a nose job….

Penelope Cruz on the other hand, is hot despite the big nose that may be physically unable to suck my dick, because that doesn’t matter, as we’ll never have to cross that road….

Pics via Fame

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  • fanperson

    I like the way you talk on paper.
    It’s like you tickling me with words.
    I laugh and spit out iced coffee.
    Good job. I approve of people reading of you.

  • nunya

    fucking woman has a rat face and wonky eyes

  • ew immigrant

    mexican trash immigrant, all the dresses and makeup in the world wont make up for your heritage!

  • Bigrockstar

    ew immigrant,
    Here again someone with an IQ of algae goes off and opens their stupid, ignorant mouth to spew nonsensical rhetoric. And “ew immigrant”, feel free to use a dictionary. Yes, it’s the one that looks like a “book”. First off, Penelope is from Spain. That’s a different country and a different continent than Mexico. And about her heritage, whether you subscribe to Darwinism or religious beliefs, guess what? We ALL came from the same place idiot!

  • ew immigrant

    bigrockstar youre not some big scientist so your attempt at making a scientific point is irrelevant. a big scientist is off somewhere doing research because he has the brains for it. you on the other hand must be another compact corneating fencejumpiing hotelcleaner havin mom. nothing wrong with that if youre destined to be…nothing anyway

  • Bob Smith

    I would be willing to fuck penelope, because she is attractive, does have bit tits, and a nice ass.

    But if she was all inhibited, she wouldn’t be worth the time. I have a feeling she just complains and bitches about stuff all the time.

  • cowbulls

    I disagree; I think she looks very agreeable to anything. And any and everything is what I would like to do to her.

  • bobo

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