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Penelope Cruz is the Nose I Want to Fuck of the Day

Girls with big noses are usually scary, monster looking bitches who can’t suck my dick proper because my dick’s so small that I had to ask the doctor if it was actually a dick.

They only get the tip in their mouth before bumpin against my pubic wall, embarrassing all parties involved, except me, because I have no shame. I just spin it on them having the birth defect and not me, even if I know that’s not entirely true, but unlike Tiger Woods, I don’t admit to my shortcomings, I spin them in a way that I come out on top and bitch ends up stripping to save up enough money to get a nose job….

Penelope Cruz on the other hand, is hot despite the big nose that may be physically unable to suck my dick, because that doesn’t matter, as we’ll never have to cross that road….

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I am – Ashley Tisdale’s New Nose of the Day


I can only assume Ashley Tisdale’s mother is some hot slut who used her vagina to get her daughter into show business, because let’s face it, with that fuckin nose bitch was rockin’, her only real career prospects were to work at the cosmetics counter of her local department store, because people would trust her ability to help them choose a perfume, because let’s face it, bitch was made for smelling things.

But lucky for us, she’s pulled an Ashlee Simpson and got a new fuckin’ nose. I’ve seen her shitty Christina Aguilera rip off video where she sings badly about what he says and what she says and I just stare at her fuckin’ nose knowing that whatever he was saying, he was saying it to get the fuck away from that fuckin’ thing, because it was scary on some halloween level.

Social pressure of needing to be hot and in the spotlight takes it’s toll on a young insecure girl who’s trying to make her career pop and it has made her cave in and got a new nose because it was disgusting and needed to be done and all part of growing up in a superficial world and wanting everyone to think you’ve got it going on. I know that when she’s asked about it, she’ll say it’s gotta do with some deviated septum shit, unable to breathe bullshit, because unlike a stripper who admits she got tits to make money and feel hot.

Either way, I love insecure girls because they get naked for me without much convincing, they just like the pat on the back or cum shot stamp of approval because it makes them feel wanted and for a person who hates themselves, feeling wanted is important. Now the real question is why did she stop at her nose, if she really wanted to make her career last she’s also going to need a new face, new teeth, some tits, talent and a sex tape. I don’t respect this half-assed effort she’s putting in, makes me feel like she’s not serious and treats her career like the joke that the rest of us already know it is. Cuddles.

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