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Some Ashlee Simpson Leg in Pantyhose of the Day

Ashlee Simpson was spotted pantsless in public. It can only be assumed that she’s not wearing pants because her husband is a queer and she craves any male attention she can get, figuring that if she’s not wearing pants, people will look at her like they want to fuck her, something she’s not used to since it’s been excuse after excuse after she got pregnant, as Wentz was eager to impregnate her when he was using her as a vessel for his ego to leave a legacy behind in this world, and all that ended once he succeeded because he could go back to fucking boys…..or maybe she’s just airing out he mom pussy cuz since it’s been stretched the fuck out, it gets clammy and uncomfortable when you try to stuff it into woman’s underwear….and what it really comes down to is who the fuck cares and what the fuck do I know about Ashlee Simpson pantless, I just know it’s a hell of a lot better than Pete Wentz pantsless at the gay bar you walked into cuz you didn’t know it was a gay bar and stayed because you really needed a drink.

Pics via Fame

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    I would like to see if she could start a fire on my face by rubbing those tasty stems on my chin.

  • she

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  • Bob Smith

    Whenever I see Ashlee Simpson on here, I’m reminded that it’s likely Jesus takes money from publicists for putting their picture on here.

    A less talented, less attractive, less interesting celebrity you’ll never meet.

  • Bob Bowie

    Does she have a talent?

  • i like those thighs in the little wudnt mind seeing what she has at the top of her thighs im sure id like 2 stick my cock in it