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Pink Goes for a Jog of the Day

I am a man with a very fat, unhealthy, out of shape wife who sounds like she is drowning everytime she breathes, so for a while, I used to jerk off to women jogging outside my apartment window. My fetish for healthy bithces got so bad that I even got a job volunteering at the local YMCA where all the college kids and prozac suburban moms would work out in their really tight pants that showed off their pussy definition. It was like they were in such tight clothes I could visualize them naked, they were sweaty and I could hardly contain my erection no matter how small it actually is…..but every once in a while, a bitch who got addicted to the workout high would become totally jacked and totally masculine, making me wonder if getting off to them makes me gay, or does the fact that they have a vagina, despite not lookin’ like they should have a vagina cancel it out….The point is that Pink is one of those girls that I think you are gay if you get off to her and really fucking messed up if you get off to her music while crying and masturbating in your bedroom closet so no one catches you….

So this is not celebrity workout fetish cuz you have a fat, lazy wife and this brings you hope pics, this is the test of if you are capable of getting hard for an actual man by putting a bitch as manly as they come in tight clothes up to bat….cuz the truth is that sometimes a vagina isn’t enough.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    She makes my dick want to hide, but it would crawl out for a quick poke and run if it thought it could get away with it!

  • advice

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  • Bob Bowie

    That’s one ugly dude.

  • Drunken Pig

    Sink the pink!!