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Katherine McPhee Trying on Clothes of the Day

I guess Katherine McPhee is at the bra store, trying on bras and I wasn’t really sure why I bothered posting this shit, because I don’t think Katherine McPhee matters, sure she had an eating disorder and that’s alway a good mentor to the kids, but assume it had more to do with it reminding me of the month I spent at the bra store in the local mall every fucking day, before being asked to stay the fuck away, because shit is pornographic, you know chicks of all ages checking each other out, grabbing at themselves, testing how much cleavage a bra gives and the whole thing was an amazing free show. It’s like the second they walked into the shit, they didn’t give a fuck about being respectable ladies, and instead were full-fledged whores. It was some safe haven they could be their true selves, which apparently wasn’t open to having visitors like me…here are the pics…

Pics via Fame

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  • bobo

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  • Volfie

    That’s not kat mcphee, I don’t think. She’s a lot more bleached blonde than this girl. And why would she be out clothes shopping with britney spears? 🙂

  • Bob Smith

    Who the hell is Katherine McPhee?

  • Volfie

    She’s the one who copy-wrote the phrase, “Look it up on Google, you douche!”


  • Drunken Pig

    Their ALL whores Jesus!!…and secretly love ANAL!!


    I second that question, Who the fuck is Katherine Mcphee? Shit sounds like a British nanny.

    This bitch has a big ass head too, like she is from starwars. I see why she had a eating disorder, put some hair on her and she could double as a Wookiee.

  • Bob Smith

    “kat mcphee”

    Kat? WTF is that? Is that some sort of gay code or something?