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Katherine McPhee Trying on Clothes of the Day

I guess Katherine McPhee is at the bra store, trying on bras and I wasn’t really sure why I bothered posting this shit, because I don’t think Katherine McPhee matters, sure she had an eating disorder and that’s alway a good mentor to the kids, but assume it had more to do with it reminding me of the month I spent at the bra store in the local mall every fucking day, before being asked to stay the fuck away, because shit is pornographic, you know chicks of all ages checking each other out, grabbing at themselves, testing how much cleavage a bra gives and the whole thing was an amazing free show. It’s like the second they walked into the shit, they didn’t give a fuck about being respectable ladies, and instead were full-fledged whores. It was some safe haven they could be their true selves, which apparently wasn’t open to having visitors like me…here are the pics…

Pics via Fame

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Jessica Alba in Some Tight Shiny Clothes of the Day

It’s Friday, I have no patience for Jessica Alba or her stupid flashy outfit…I see girls like this everywhere, you know who take style to the next level of bad and try to squeeze into every fucking possible popular trend….it’s usually tacky fucking immigrants who don’t have much money or a fucking clue, and they’ve just managed to save up enough money to get the bootleg version of whatever is popular and in efforts to fit in they put it all on at the same fucking time like some kind of fucking clown, only Jessica Alba has enough money to know better. She’s got people to stop this kind of thing and should have people who advise her to flash her pussy every once in a while….but unfortunately, they dress her like Christmas ornaments instead…..and no one fucking cares…not even me….

Pics via Fame

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Bai Ling Showin’ Off Skin of the Day

The beauty of Asian women is that I can never tell how old they are. I know Bai Ling’s been around longer than I’ve been doing the site and that she is likely in her mid to late 40s, but for some reason she doesn’t look like she’s aged a fuckin’ day since I started this shit. Her body is still tight, her nipples still long, and I assume her pussy still as tight as the sweatshop owner she used to work for who I know claimed it was when she was 12 and a good sport about getting paid with rape. I don’t actually know a sweatshop owner, i guess it’s just a sick fantasy of mine that I live out everytime I try to speak binary code to the chinese girls I meet, you know bust out my calculator and type in series of 0s and 1s, cuz I read that’s what robots understand, hoping one of them will let me play with their ageless vaginas, but they find me offensive and he police don’t usually buy my “I thought she was a councillor” when I get caught buying one I met in daycamp ice cream….


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