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Some Pamela Anderson in a Gold One-Piece of the Day

These are pictures from a couple of weeks ago that you’ve probably already seen and that I may have already posted, but I am posting again, because I have a bad memory but also because seeing Pam Anderson’s sloppy Hep-C mom ass from this angle is just too funny for me to not post, you see because I used to find her hot and exciting when I didn’t know better, and I generally like a friendly reality check to remind me that life is pretty fucking shitty and all things come to an end because when your sexual fantasy is old and haggard it usually means so are you…

These came out because she’s doing some Dancing with the Stars bullshit, that will be fun to watch, like watching a trainwreck where no one dies and the only casualty will be her pride….

Pics via Fame

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  • Drunken Pig

    Bitch be gone!!

  • Perv


  • bigdick


    that site is filled with golddiggers and losers with herpes and hep c, like Pam here

  • nunya

    i can imagine how fucking mortified her sons must be everytime they see her like this….somebody needs to buy her a giant mirror and tell her to cover the fuck up already

  • cowbulls

    I would fuck her with my favorite rake because she would rot the handle.

  • rainbone

    I decided to check out my friend’s site SeekingFlatulence.com and there are some real losers at that site, it is totally bogus. I am sorry for suggesting it.