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Samantha Fox is Still Alive of the Day

In the 80s, Samantha Fox was a big deal. If you were one of the few guys who didn’t find her the hottest pussy around, you’d get beat up for being a faggot, even though by today’s standards she is just a trashy piece of shit with fat tits, because as a species we have come to terms with the fact that big tits aren’t enough to make a bitch relevant…

Either way, Here’s some of her old pics….

And Here’s her video called Naughty Girls from the 1980s

And Here she is today, with substantially smaller tits, even though her tits were all people cared about, I guess it’s just proof that aging sucks…..especially for her…because we’ve all moved onto new pussy while leaving her with just memories of what was….

Pics via LFI

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    I rubbed plenty of man pudding out to this cunt in my early days.

    I also got to touch her naked when I was doing my residency in NY City. She had a minor traffic accident and I had to make sure everything was ok! LOL, I beat off furiously about 15 minutes, still smelling her on the rubber glove!

  • Craig

    Shame she is a dyke loving lesbian these days.

  • Mike

    Still looks pretty good. Needs to put a bag over her head though.

  • beavis

    Haha, that is old school. She was the Keeley Hazell of her day, only not as hot.

  • Jack the Tripper

    Jerked to her pics so many times back in the 80’s, stupid internet makes us so spoiled.

  • FawkHead

    Yeah…the web has really made these kids spoiled….don’t they know that not every hot chick is backlit…it only seems that way.

  • These kids today don’t know how good they have it. So many masturbatory memories of Samantha for this 40+ year old. How could you not jerk off to a video called “Touch Me”? Thanks for the trip down mammary lane.