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Rihanna’s Showing Off Her Body of the Day

I am convinced that the end is near for Rihanna. I have no real proof for this but there was a time I was a fan of hers, I was in her corner and actually thought she was kinda hot, but that was before I realized she was a cry baby psycho girlfriend who sells out her man for strangling her, even though I’m pretty sure she strangled herself and just told the cops that he did it, pretty much ruining his career, while keeping her in the media….then I started seeing her for what she actually was, a cunt….who couldn’t sing and was all a product of marketing who needed to be sent back to her shanty to mull over what she had fucking done….

But I guess as long as she wears these kinds of outfits people will keep talking about her, because we’re all perverts and we like girls who show off their body parts…so the end may not be here…but let’s hope she’s starting to feel it cuz that will just make her try harder….

Pics via Fame

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  • bob vance

    i wanna own this mulatto whore.

  • HornyLohanWanker

    I would rent her out to you cheap Bob Vance, once I finished destroying her slave cunny.

  • danbro

    This woman is suppose to fashion in the making. Looks like
    she forgot to take the hanger out when she put the dress
    on. Rhi just ain’t got it. Never had, never will. Looking
    forward to her day ending SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Brown

    Danbro, I am Chris Brown and I approve that message.

  • Drunken Pig


  • I love Rihanna because she is so damn talented. She is an amazing singer and I love the way she dresses. Rihanna is a lady who behaves really well.. seriously I saw her in public with my own eyes. Haters can talk all they want about her but they know she is a talented girl. I wish Rihanna has a great life because she certainly deserves it.

  • Drunken Pig

    EAT SHIT Daniel!!

  • Bob Smith

    “she is a talented girl”

    The question, Mr. PR person, is “what is she talented at?”

    We can rule out singing…

  • monkeysocks

    Talented, my arse is more talented!
    Jesus, you are brilliant!!!!!!!!!!X

  • HornyLohanWanker

    I understand she is talented at taking a punch and giving stupendous head.

    It would appear, for her chosen life path, she has learned the proper things to get through.

  • yall some haters on here,,, Rhianna is doing the damn thing now stop hating and get a life!

  • Jeff

    WHore she is disgusting

  • nunya

    What’s with the mushroom haircut?
    She should go ahead and do porn, she has no other talents anyway.

  • Dominicana

    Everybody is entitled to their own opion. But we in fucking 2010 so stop with the fucking racist remarks and ignorance!!! @ Bob Vance and HornyLohanWanker you fucking cunts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dominicana

    @ Bob Vance your days of owning long gone, you know what you should own a fucking brain asswhole!!

  • I am a die hard fan of Rihanna, i love her hair, i love her voice and i love her body. “

  • it is a bit sad that this beautiful and talented Rihanna would fall in love with an a-hole like chris brown*.,