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Hilary Swank’s Busted Face in the Right Dress of the Day

Hilary Swank has never been hot. She’s always been a masculine lookin’ jacked up bitch with big tits. She even won an Oscar playing the girl who dressed like a boy before getting killed. So despite having a vagina and a set of great tits, she might as well be packing a dick and balls under her dress, because she’s made it pretty much homosexual to ever like her in a sexual way….Any girl who is that convincing as a dude….just can’t live that down…but at least she’s making the right choices in her clothes to distract me from her face and high testosterone levels….not that you care what I think….so here are the pics…

Pics via LFI

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  • Drunken PIG

    Id fuck the bitch!!

  • Donkeh

    Had that breast reduction surgery I see…