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Nicolette Sheridan in a See Through Shirt of the Day

Nicolette Sheridan is one of those self-involved cunts who craves male attention, but in her defense, she did spend the better part of the last 20 years in a relationship with Michael Bolton, and his idea of getting it on is blow drying his hair and asking her what she thinks about it….

The good thing about those self-involved cunts who crave male attention while trying to stay classy, is that well into their 40s they still look worth fucking, thanks to making a key decision in her youth….and that key decision was to have an abortion everytime it came up….

So for every slutty picture of this old lady you see you can thank Michael Bolton and Abortions for making it happen…

Pics via Fame

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  • Drunken PIG

    LMFAO!!..Micheal Bolton has not had hair for like 10 years…around about the time he was washed-up!!…Nicoslut Sheridan was smoking-hot in the 80’s…fapped to her many times when she was on tv…you know in the days before internet porn…when videotapes and skin mags were censored..BIGTIME!!…no penatration…no “money shots”..it sucked!!..now we are spoiled…anal..scat..midgets..bondage..you name it!!..you younger guys have no idea how good you have it!!..anyways Nicoslit’s odometer has been rolled-over a couple of times as has the rest of those old-hags on that shitty wives show…concussions from years of their heads being rang off of bed-posts…hats off to vetran WHORES!!

  • Expletive:BMP

    O my goodness, nicolette sheridan, what an awesome bit of cougar vagina she is, so many good times rubbing out a few to her pic, her and kim basinger was the objects of all those wonderful rub outs. I remember knots Landing and that ole’ dude after pushing virtual cock says to her that he’s gotten tied off so as not to have kids, and they’re playing golf or some shit, and she takes off her draws, damn, i went into bed and right then and there, marooned a good pull of me chuuren. Good times.