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Lookin’ Down Jessica Alba’s Shirt in the Park of the Day

I spend a lot of time in parks because parks are free, people leave you alone and there’s a whole variety of bullshit going on in them, whether drunks getting more drunk, crackheads doing more weird shit to trees, moms and their kids hanging out and playing, bending over and breast feeding or young couples fooling around and cuddling, thinking that perverts like me aren’t watching….There are girls suntanning, people exercising and even bitches doing Yoga…I’ve had sex in parks, seen people have sex in parks, jerked off to people having sex in parks, it’s better than watching a movie, and it is the ultimate escape from my shitbox I call home…

So when I saw these pictures of ex-actor who once had a ton of sex appeal before she let her insanity get herself knocked-up prematurely to trap her boyfriend who was leaving her, I was reminded all the good times I am going to have in the park, you know when lookin’ down a shirt is actually hot, and not just hanging onto a memory…..

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • I’d like to plant my face between those puppies and blow raspberries.

  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    I would like to park my manmeat into that cock garage shes showing off to everyone in the park. Looks like the money is starting to run out if she cant even hire a nanny to watch kid.

  • nunya

    her tits look deflated

  • Drunken Pig

    I’ll be waiting in the bushes next time!!

  • cowbulls

    Oh come on, those are terrible looking breasts. She has ruined herself. She also needs to keep her Liberal opinions to herself and only open her mouth for sexual service.

  • WTF?!!

    cowbulls nailed it.

  • Sport

    Used to be HOT, but havent seen her smile in five years and she takes herself far too seriously for someone with no acting talent who must rely on her body to be relevant.