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Phoebe Price in Some Staged Beach Photoshoot of the Day

I still don’t know who the fuck this Phoebe Price is. I just know she took her old lady body to the beach to have some staged pictures of her in some stripper gear taken…This gold dress is straight from the sex shop Phoebe probably buys her very large dildos at, as most 50 year old lookin’ women, especially the slutty ones in their animal print one-piece porno bathing suit can only be her mating call for attention….It’s like she’s is Blanche from the Golden Girls, craving to get her big southern box filled with whatever Kentucky Fried phallus she can find…including black dudes…to live out slave fantasies she’s had since she was a little horny teenager back home on the platation that finances her ridiculous California life….

Pics via Fame

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  • Drunken Pig

    Is she from one of those granny-fetish porn sites??..bitches tits look like two egg’s nailed to the wall!!

  • European

    Only an American woman would wear one-piece swimsuit.

  • Bob Smith

    I think she’s okay looking. I would pay for dinner as long as she was a sure thing.

  • nunya

    She looks like an ostrich.