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Hobie from Baywatch has Coke Face of the Day

I know you don’t give a fuck about Jeremy Jackson, the kid who played Hobie on Baywatch, even though Baywatch was something you grew up jerking off to, but I thought these pictures were funny.

I don’t know if he’e ever worked since Baywatch, but he still live in LA and here he is making faces that lead me to believe dude is jacked on some kind of drug…..

I’ve been in drunk near these jacked-up jock lookin dudes, who look like they go to the gym before going out, so that they muscles are as swollen as they can get, in order to impress the girls in their tight shirts…and every once in a while one of them decides to dabble in cocaine , usually cut with speed, and it ends up lookin’ like this, all aggressive and in your face, cuz jocks on drugs just aren’t as wholesome as people who aren’t on steroids…until they embrace their homosexuality…then jocks on drugs become the topless guy with glow sticks and a boner brushing up against dudes…but it takes a few nights out to get to that level of acceptance of their own sexual needs….

So here’s Hobie Raging on Something….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • floorguy

    No, really, I AM NOT GAY!!!

  • Drunken Pig

    No doubt Hobie and The Hoff get together drink and do some blow..then pleasure each other while watching Baywatch re-runs!!

  • Johnny D

    He is doing some cheap-ass “keep your erection longer” ads down in Australia. Doesn’t really get any lower really.

  • stfu

    He could be going grocery shopping with Tila Tequila, there is always lower Johnny.

  • sexy

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  • Jesus H. Christ

    again with the homobashing…any guy who looks better than you (roughly 99% of all men) is suddenly gay or on drugs just because he doesn’t have stubby legs, a fat, domestic beer gut and a hard-on for his underage stepdaughter. you were right when you ripped on Perez for having no life–you bloggers are all ugly, overweight, jealous goons who spend too much time online, jerking it to xtube.

  • stfu

    ^^^ You must be a chronic masturbator to the baywatch reruns huh?

  • Jesus H Christ

    ^^^No, I fap mainly to Ricky Martin videos and preschool children shows.