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Hobie from Baywatch has Coke Face of the Day

I know you don’t give a fuck about Jeremy Jackson, the kid who played Hobie on Baywatch, even though Baywatch was something you grew up jerking off to, but I thought these pictures were funny.

I don’t know if he’e ever worked since Baywatch, but he still live in LA and here he is making faces that lead me to believe dude is jacked on some kind of drug…..

I’ve been in drunk near these jacked-up jock lookin dudes, who look like they go to the gym before going out, so that they muscles are as swollen as they can get, in order to impress the girls in their tight shirts…and every once in a while one of them decides to dabble in cocaine , usually cut with speed, and it ends up lookin’ like this, all aggressive and in your face, cuz jocks on drugs just aren’t as wholesome as people who aren’t on steroids…until they embrace their homosexuality…then jocks on drugs become the topless guy with glow sticks and a boner brushing up against dudes…but it takes a few nights out to get to that level of acceptance of their own sexual needs….

So here’s Hobie Raging on Something….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Pink’s Cocaine Injury of the Day

Pink had the performance of her lifetime. She didn’t need smoke and mirrors to blow the public away. She didn’t need fashion stunts to get attention like she was Lady Gaga…. I mean unless you consider singing while not missing a beat in the midst of an acrobatic Cirque du Soleil performance that ended with getting hosed the fuck down smoke and mirrors or a nude suit with glitter covering her genitals and nipples a fashion stunt to get attention….and I guess she went and celebrated with hard cocaine use resulting in injury….

Bonus – She also brought out a cameltoe to keep the mystery as to weather she is a vagina or a penis alive….

Pics via Fame

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Anthony Bourdain Burning 6 Tons of Cocaine of the Day

I stole this from someone’s facebook page, partially because I like Anthony Bourdain, I think he’s kinda funny and ex-drunk drug addicts who make it as author’s of books and hosts of shows who don’t hide the fact that they were drunk drug addicts is an inspiration to all of us addicts….and here he is buring 6 tons of cocaine…that’s a lot of fucking cocaine all while mocking Lindsay Lohan……good times…especially for the dudes burning the coke, a job I am pretty sure there were a lot of volunteers for cuz inhaling those fumes are gonna rape a motherfucker in a good way, but in rapes defense, when is it ever not good…

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Mickey Rourke Goes Prospecting for Cocaine of the Day

I always loved ripping lines with people who had a cold. It’d be a fucking mess that always ended with them blowing their noses and eating their fuckin snot because shit was jacked with coke and they wanted it in them. The desperation of seeing someone picking their nose and eating it because they can’t afford another 40 bag is funny to me, it’s almost as bad as eating your own shit because you have no money for food and you’re hungry and ate peanuts earlier that day and figure a second round will tide you over or some shit.

I always hated that no one gives a shit when I pick my nose, but when rocker/fighter/biker/wrestler Mickey Rourke does it, people like me are talking about it. It’s all pretty fucking pathetic if you ask me, which you didn’t. So I’ll just crawl into my corner and shut up.

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Sienna Miller’s Hot Cocaine Body Rocks a Cameltoe in a Bikini of the Day

Sienna Miller is good to go. She’s got an amazing cocaine body and I love that she doesn’t mind showing it off like some free spirited vegan feminist in sandals with a huge bush, but unlike the vegan feminist, Sienna Miller doesn’t rip cocks off men everywhere and hold them over her head like she’s carrying some Olympic torch in her quest to take the penis down, but instead begs for it to be stuck inside her because it’s a lazy day and she just feels like smoking some cigarettes, drinking some wine and laying on white linens naked all day after getting fucked.

Sure it could just be misrepresentation and misinterpretation, but she seems to be the good kind of hippie, the kind who is into fucking but who lives in luxury lofts, wears designer clothes and has enough money to pay me child support after I K-Fed her. Not that I ever will, but you get what I’m saying here, her vagina’s so hungry it’s eating her white bikini bottoms and that to me is enough proof of what I just wrote. Reality is that none of us will find out, but you can try to pretend you are while masturbating. It wouldn’t be a first time for you…at least you’re giving your dead relatives who are watching over you something to watch and by watch I mean be ashamed of…I guess it’s your kind of over-acheiving or some shit, you know adding chronic masturbater to being an unemployed, overweight loser on welfare in his mom’s basement is kind of an achievement.

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I am – Lindsay Lohan Celebrates her Birthday in a Bikini of the Day


Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 21st birthday out of rehab with her friends and coke addicted mom in a bikini, when I was in rehab i was told to stay away from the enablers or old friends that didn’t want to make the same changes in their life as I had. It meant dropping everyone I knew and partied with but I guess that rule doesn’t apply when the bitch who fed you cocaine when you were a teenager was your mom. The biggest supporter of the drug was the person you turned to for life advice. I don’t have proof of that shit, but I think it’s pretty obvious.

Either way, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree or whatever that expression is, so it’s safe to say that Lohan has a life of addiction ahead of her, but so do most of us, unfortunately not all of us look have as much money as her for the shit to not ruin our lives. We also aren’t as good lookin’ as she is when she does it. It’s not that I think Lohan is hot but she’s hotter than you and even though that’s not saying much it’s saying something.

I remember I had a friend who got his mom hooked on meth with him. He was doing it for about a year until she caught him doing it and freaked the fuck out. He told her that it was diet medicine and before you could say “bust out the pipe” this middle aged suburban woman was smoking meth with him. The dad had no idea what was going on, but he didn’t complain when the house was cleaner than it ever was, her body was thinner than it was when they married, there was always big feasts cooked and dude felt like he had a new lease on life and on his marriage. He had never been happier until she emptied the bank account and ran off with her drug dealer. My friend ended up going to rehab, getting back on track, landed a good job and a wife and shit but never heard from his mother again, she’s probably sucking dick on the streets near you, so next time you hire a 60 year old drug addicted whore, you can thank him for hookin’ you up, because if she never did meth with him 10 years ago, she’d never be taking your load on her face.

I guess that’s a pretty sad story, but them’s the breaks.


Lohan Running On Beach Almost Losing Her Top Over the Weekend

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I am – Lohan Arrested For Drinking and Driving And Possession of Cocaine of the Day


So the day has come that Lohan finally got busted for her underage partying antics. I was really convinced that she was just doing this shit to fuck with the media, but in being an immature, irresponsible and insane young girl with too much time on her hands and too much money in her pocket, the reckless cry for help ended in a drunk car accident that she left the scene of, but forgot to take her cocaine with her only to get arrested at the hospital and now she will be facing jail time, even though I am pretty sure it won’t actually come to that because she is famous. Part of me thinks this was staged because her and Paris are on a constant trying to one-up the other….

See if I had an accident while drunk I’d do a few things…the first would be ditching my drugs in the closest sewer. The second would be to take as many allergy pills or prescribed pills as I could and I’d hide out with lots of water and wait until the alcohol wore off before making my way to the hospital where I know I’d get caught.

See Lohan had the chance to go hide out for a few hours before going to the hospital where she was caught, she had time to get rid of her drugs and she had time to take some prescription pills that would allow for her to have a case against being under the influence. I know 10 people who have refused to blow the breathalizer and blamed allergy meds for the accident and shit held up in court. She didn’t do any of that, so that means she staged all this because it gets her more media coverage than Paris….

It is probably going to have detrimental affects on her budding acting career, it’s safe to say she won’t be one of those actors with longevity. She’s on some self-destructive path that makes me think this is what she wants. Maybe she’s tired of all the attention and this is the only way to get out of the job. I remember when I worked at the factory, I would break as many rules as possible to get fired, because I couldn’t bring myself to quitting because I needed the money and I knew quitting was bad for making money, but getting fired meant it wasn’t my fault.

Lohan has enough money to retire and it’s too bad that she is too fucked up and self-absorbed to bother doing something good for society instead of all this shit. I guess no one really cares about a bitch who donates her time and money to sick kid charities or AIDS Charities, people are way more into scandals…..

Either way, I am glad that she didn’t run anyone over, I am glad she didn’t James Dean herself and I am glad she still hasn’t had an fatal overdose because I still want to see video of her giving a blowjob and taking it up the ass.

These pictures are of her leaving whatever bar she was partying at the night of the incident. By the look of it, she looks fucking wrecked…I’ve been driven by people who were probably more fucked than this girl and I have driven while more fucked than this girl and I never got caught. That doesn’t make it ok, so Don’t Drink and Drive.

I am – Not the News So Follow These Links for the Story….

x17 Insider Story of the Event and Police Statement and the Lesbian Cock is Involved

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Splashnews Video of the Event

TMZ Lohan Busted With Coke

TMZ Lohan Arrested with a DUI

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I am – Lohan is a Coke slut and I hate SPAM of the Day


Is my site Spamming you with popups? I am trying a new advertiser because I need to pay for servers and I have got 5 complaints. If it is happening to enough of you I will take them down ASAP because I fucking hate spammy fucking popups more than you do and even thought I don’t give a fuck about your user experience because I hate you, I do not want that shit polluting my internet home…Trust me.

Speaking of SPAM, here are some more pictures of Lohan doing blow from that video taken in the bathroom….

Here are some pictures of bitch sketching out on her nails. I am not an expert but all the crackwhores I knew used to do this shit when they were either coming off or jonesing more crystal/crack/cocaine/heroin…I’m just sayin…

Here she is partying with L.A. Hipster DJ Steve Aoki in NYC…For those of you who don’t know, Aoki is the asshole who didn’t put DrunkenStepfather on his guestlist when he came to play in Canada with that dude from That 70’s Show…

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I am – Lohan is Obviously a Drug Addicted Party Slut of the Day


This bitch is slowly starting to look like Chris Farley before he died of a cocaine overdose. She’s bloated as fuck and her face is hanging off. Her eyes have fucked up yellow bags under them and she looks like she hasn’t slept in days. I have slept with crack whores and I know what to look for. I am just hoping this bitch doesn’t die, because I’d have no one else to stalk…

I was walking down the street today and some drunken homeless guy who looked like Lohan was sitting on a city bench screaming for change from people passing by. He even asked me and I looked more homeless than he did. I think it was because he was wearing some kind of old man hat that made him look like a detective while I was just in my regular jogging pants. Anyway, all motherfucker did was sit there and yell and everyone who walked by him and obviously no one was giving him shit. So I took the asshole aside and told him that if he wanted to make some money, all he needed was some kind of act, whether it be a song or a dance or juggling or anything. If people saw him trying, they’d be more inclined to give him cash. The asshole just spat in my face and I am sure gave me some kind of Hepatitis like I was Pam Anderson, but when I walked by him an hour later, he seemed to take my advice. A group of highschool girls were walking by him and he fully dropped his pants and started jerking off for them. They ran away screaming and even though I thought he went a little too far, I was happy to see him make an effort. I think I felt the joy a teacher experiences when their troubled student graduates highschool. or what a coach feels when his weakest player makes his first goal. It was pretty fucking nice…Unlike these pics of Lohan looking haggard and on the verge of death…But I would still K-Fed her if I was cool enough to be her back-up dancer….

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I am – Lohan Cocaine Video Screenshots of the Day


I am a bad celebrity blogger. I just woke up hungover and don’t remember what happened last night. I just checked my email and someone got their hands on the screenshots of Lohan doing blow video and I didn’t care. I am not 100 percent sure how this isn’t staged, because everyone knows that if you’re famous and doing blow on camera it is going to get out on the internet and millions of people will see it. But who knows, maybe the bitch isn’t trying to stage things for her popularity. Cocaine is cool now, it’s like smoking. Everytime I go to a bar and need to take a shit, I am stuck waiting in line for 10 minutes while 3 or 4 guys go in the stall together. As much as I like to think it was some homo bathroom stall anal sex conference, because I am convinced all chachi motherfuckers are faggots, it’s really just time for them to prove how cool and trendy and in style they are amongst friends, huddled around a bag.

I don’t feel like ripping off the pictures from a message board and uploading the shit. I don’t feel like reading up on what is said during the video, I do know that it will be hitting sometime this week and this is just the PR screenshot teaser to get you all excited about the video to come. It’s pretty basic marketing practices…

Read the whole story and see all the screenshots Here (if you care)

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