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Tila Tequila and Her Latest Publicity Stunt of the Day

Tila Tequila is on drugs. She’s a total fucking joke of a person and she knows it. She’s addicted to attention and now that she’s playing off her fake fiance’s death, after loving every fucking second of it, making me think that she may have killed the Johnson & Johnson bitch and now she’s pretending to be pregnant because that’s what Casey wants and like every pregnant chick she’s announced it before the 3 month rule and now she’s gone shopping for baby stuff because every recently pregnant girl goes out and buys books and toys before her belly shows and the whole thing is serious fucking bullshit but it’s fun to watch because I know it will eventually lead to her suicide and I guess that excitement for a train wreck is all she is good for….and it may pain me to post this because I don’t like drawing attention to her, but I have nothing better to do with my time.

Pics via Bauer

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Lindsay Lohan’s a Fuckin’ Wreck of the Day

This morning, I was wondering who the next celebrity to die before their time was, partially because I have nothing better to do, but also because I just made that up because it was the best intro I could think of, and I think the answer came to me in the form of these pictures.

Lohan’s clearly on a downward slope and based on her face, there is no way she’s not taking some kind of drugs, whether it is prescription or illegal, it’s definitely not agreeing with her body cuz bodies just aren’t meant to take the kind of abuse, especially when they aren’t eating, so like many hookers before her that were found facedown in a ditch, or back alley, or in their 20 dollar a night motel rooms not breathing thanks to livin’ the good life, it’s safe to say that if Lohan doesn’t turn things around, she may end up next up on the choppin block, which is too bad, cuz if you’re gonna throw it all away, you might as well do it when you are at the top of your game, so that you die a legend and not on the tail-end of your shit, so that you’re just another self-absorbed, spoiled casuality from Hollywood.

And I guess who really cares, it’s not like these people are our friends or families….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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I am – DayDreamin’ of a Topless Dancer of the Day

Sometimes when I leave my house I just crave topless dancers and every girl who I walk by, I imagine what they would look like naked, what their capabilities on stage would be, like whether they would would be shy at first and slowly warm up, or if they would be the kind of girl who just goes buck fucking wild, or the girl you think would be wild but slowly parades herself like she’s at a slave auction, only instead of being good at getting beat into pickin’ cotton and other chores, she’s good at not killing herself after being degraded by men all day.

All this to say that I think of topless dancers a lot and never have I thought about whatever the fuck is goin on in this video and I guess that’s what makes it a stepDAYDREAM. Enjoy.

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I am – Amy Winehouse Bikini Pictures of the Day


I realized today that my life is lacking something and that something is a little more Amy Winehouse in a bikini, thank god my dreams were answered, so that I can go on another day like Owen Wilson.

I don’t know what it is about crackheads that are half naked and wet, because it’s something you can see pretty much any downtown strip, but knowing that Winehouse has boatloads of money makes shit a lot more exciting. Poor addicts are played out.

There’s also something exciting about an emaciated crackhead like the fact that their heads look massively huge and I love horses, they are classy and the fact that her uterus is already hanging halfway out her box, all you gotta do is throw your load at her and hope some sticks, if you’re trying to K-Fed her and that’s a lot easier than those frigid bitches with tight pussies and internal reproductive organs…who probably wear underwear and don’t put out.

I just noticed her top is see through, and crackhead nipples are way cooler than any non-crackhead nipple because all you gotta do is wave 5 dollars in front of their noses to get a piece instead of actually having to talk to a slut…Try to prove me wrong asshole.

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I am – Lohan is Obviously a Drug Addicted Party Slut of the Day


This bitch is slowly starting to look like Chris Farley before he died of a cocaine overdose. She’s bloated as fuck and her face is hanging off. Her eyes have fucked up yellow bags under them and she looks like she hasn’t slept in days. I have slept with crack whores and I know what to look for. I am just hoping this bitch doesn’t die, because I’d have no one else to stalk…

I was walking down the street today and some drunken homeless guy who looked like Lohan was sitting on a city bench screaming for change from people passing by. He even asked me and I looked more homeless than he did. I think it was because he was wearing some kind of old man hat that made him look like a detective while I was just in my regular jogging pants. Anyway, all motherfucker did was sit there and yell and everyone who walked by him and obviously no one was giving him shit. So I took the asshole aside and told him that if he wanted to make some money, all he needed was some kind of act, whether it be a song or a dance or juggling or anything. If people saw him trying, they’d be more inclined to give him cash. The asshole just spat in my face and I am sure gave me some kind of Hepatitis like I was Pam Anderson, but when I walked by him an hour later, he seemed to take my advice. A group of highschool girls were walking by him and he fully dropped his pants and started jerking off for them. They ran away screaming and even though I thought he went a little too far, I was happy to see him make an effort. I think I felt the joy a teacher experiences when their troubled student graduates highschool. or what a coach feels when his weakest player makes his first goal. It was pretty fucking nice…Unlike these pics of Lohan looking haggard and on the verge of death…But I would still K-Fed her if I was cool enough to be her back-up dancer….

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I am – Lohan Cocaine Video Screenshots of the Day


I am a bad celebrity blogger. I just woke up hungover and don’t remember what happened last night. I just checked my email and someone got their hands on the screenshots of Lohan doing blow video and I didn’t care. I am not 100 percent sure how this isn’t staged, because everyone knows that if you’re famous and doing blow on camera it is going to get out on the internet and millions of people will see it. But who knows, maybe the bitch isn’t trying to stage things for her popularity. Cocaine is cool now, it’s like smoking. Everytime I go to a bar and need to take a shit, I am stuck waiting in line for 10 minutes while 3 or 4 guys go in the stall together. As much as I like to think it was some homo bathroom stall anal sex conference, because I am convinced all chachi motherfuckers are faggots, it’s really just time for them to prove how cool and trendy and in style they are amongst friends, huddled around a bag.

I don’t feel like ripping off the pictures from a message board and uploading the shit. I don’t feel like reading up on what is said during the video, I do know that it will be hitting sometime this week and this is just the PR screenshot teaser to get you all excited about the video to come. It’s pretty basic marketing practices…

Read the whole story and see all the screenshots Here (if you care)

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Penny Lancaster

She’s a model, and like every good model, she’s all fucked up. I don’t understand the controversy that goes down when a model is outted for being a drug user. The whole point of their lives is to look pretty, make insane money, fuck rockstars and do drugs, with the occassional photoshoot here and there, but who the fuck needs to be sober at a photoshoot – it’s not like you’re a fuckin accountant or some shit. Either way, Penny Lancaster is known for her long British legs, now she can be known for her twisted up thong, the only way I like my thongs. And by like I mean the only kind I know, since all the bitches I get with are usually too drunk to keep anything in order, especially their panties.

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