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Juliette Lewis is a Fucking Wreck of the Day

Juliette Lewis reminds me of something you’d find living in between Roseanne Barr’s ass cheeks, or maybe something she left in her dirty underwear…she’s seriously on some gutter shit that looks like something you left in a truck stop bathroom after a bout of food poisoning. There is nothing hot about this crackwhore to begin with, so there’s really nothing hot about her when she is unshowered and scratching her ass cuz the fungus gets itchy, but there is something hot about real crackwhores but that’s got more to do with the struggle they face daily to pay for more crack, choosing to give up hygiene for drugs and sucking off stranger cock, but when you see the Hollywood version of the shit, knowing she has millions in the bank, I just see bullshit…and I’m sure the people serving her in these pictures are smelling a whole lot of bullshit…cuz she’s disgusting and disgusting things usually smell…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Kristen Stewart is Horrible Looking of the Day

I think I should be putting Kristen Stewart on the death watch because she looks like she’s on some kind of drugs and is about to fucking die. I know this grimey disgusting stinky pussy look is her thing, but I have seen gutter street kids yelling at the brick wall while trying to clean out their crack pipe, look better and healthier than this….

I knew she was not all that good looking to begin with and that she was cast in Twilight so that all the ugly girls of America wouldn’t feel alienated by her looks and could relate and fantasize to the love story that made them all have their first teen orgasm ever, making Twilight actually pornographic material designed for teenage girls…. while taking an already ugly thing and give up on it turning it into some kind of greasy wreck of a thing you’d expect to find in a gutter, unhealthy and skinny and week makes Kristen Stewart actually pornographic material for me…but that’s just because I like my masturbation to involve girls who are ugly enough to be attainable and weak enough to be unable to run when I’ve got them cornered…I’m a romantic like that.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Lindsay Lohan’s a Fuckin’ Wreck of the Day

This morning, I was wondering who the next celebrity to die before their time was, partially because I have nothing better to do, but also because I just made that up because it was the best intro I could think of, and I think the answer came to me in the form of these pictures.

Lohan’s clearly on a downward slope and based on her face, there is no way she’s not taking some kind of drugs, whether it is prescription or illegal, it’s definitely not agreeing with her body cuz bodies just aren’t meant to take the kind of abuse, especially when they aren’t eating, so like many hookers before her that were found facedown in a ditch, or back alley, or in their 20 dollar a night motel rooms not breathing thanks to livin’ the good life, it’s safe to say that if Lohan doesn’t turn things around, she may end up next up on the choppin block, which is too bad, cuz if you’re gonna throw it all away, you might as well do it when you are at the top of your game, so that you die a legend and not on the tail-end of your shit, so that you’re just another self-absorbed, spoiled casuality from Hollywood.

And I guess who really cares, it’s not like these people are our friends or families….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Amy Winehouse Has Hot Jewish Skin of the Day

I decided to reconnect with nature about an hour ago because I saw a rain cloud rollin’ over a beautiful sunny day and figured that it would be a great opportunity to get a video of chicks running from the rain, tits bouncing, hands covering see through shirts because when they woke up and went to work, they thought the day was going to beautiful and that they didn’t need to wear a bra under their white shirts and all that good stuff, but it turns out I don’t have a camera and after walking around for an hour I only say one set of hard nipples and they were on some 80 year old who probably didn’t know it was raining because she was too busy trying to remember where she was walking to and how to get home.

The image was almost as hot as these pics of a fucked up Amy Winehouse’s busted up drug addict face that looks like some kind of human medical testing from the people at Asprin in 1940s Germany, I can only hope it matches her pussy because if it didn’t all this self destruction would go to complete waste since there’s nothing like blood, puss, tears and the smell of rotting flesh to keep sex exciting, especially when with fucking someone who is on the cusp of life and death…..

The truth is that she looks like all the Jewish girls I’ve seen before the nose jobs, braces, skin treatments and accutane prescriptions and for some reason she makes me want to go to Israel to find my own Jew to be a mexican migrant gardener for. I hear they are into cheap labor and people they can pretty much take advantage of because they are illegals .

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Gemma Ward is Heath Ledger’s Girlfriend and She Looks Like a Wreck of the Day

Here are some pictures of Gemma Ward, one of Heath Ledger’s vaginas before he died, who is a model and she looks like she is taking his death to heart by lookin’ like death. She’s obviously celebrating his life by not showering and doing the drugs he forgot in her apartment to cope with the loss.

That said, there’s nothing like a good vulnerable mourning girl to move in on because they are easy and fucking a girl while she cries feels like home to me, not because I am depraved but because that’s what I do whenever my wife fucks me….

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Amy Winehouse’s Hot Fucking Tits Suck at Life of the Day

It turns out that nothing works out my way and after taking a 2 hour bus ride to the airport, there was no plane ticket to Vegas for me, so I just took a 2 hour bus ride home to post these pictures. I guess what it comes down to is that as someone who sucks at life on a regular, I should have known that someone was just playing a fuckin’ trick on me and I fell for it and feel like an asshole for it, but wouldn’t have been happy not knowingI got fucked over for sure, because let’s face it, if it was the real deal – I’d be rocking the fuck out with pornstars and gambling addicts all night long, like Lionel Richie baby. Maybe I’ll just dress my wife up and pay the neighbor to fuck her on film when I use my stepdaughter as a slot machine….

Speaking of sucking at life, here are some pictures of the talented Amy Winehouse with her new blonde hair, because I guess blonde heroin addicts have more fun than brunette ones. Amy Winehouse is a good way to start any day, especially one as shitty as today. Cuddles.

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