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Gemma Ward is Heath Ledger’s Girlfriend and She Looks Like a Wreck of the Day

Here are some pictures of Gemma Ward, one of Heath Ledger’s vaginas before he died, who is a model and she looks like she is taking his death to heart by lookin’ like death. She’s obviously celebrating his life by not showering and doing the drugs he forgot in her apartment to cope with the loss.

That said, there’s nothing like a good vulnerable mourning girl to move in on because they are easy and fucking a girl while she cries feels like home to me, not because I am depraved but because that’s what I do whenever my wife fucks me….

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  • president Hillary Clinton

    Not true; it’s a lot harder to ge pussy when they mourning, even if they do it they can be unfocused with giving head and shit.

  • i dont care how much she cried over her dead drug additcted boyfriend, theres no way id put my dick anywhere NEAR this, because, well, theres no way she would make me hard

  • yea so no

    ^^ coming from guys who will never get anything remotely this good

  • nigel blackwood

    My dear drunken stepfather, she’s absolutely adorable. She’s way above the usual masturbatory material you must be used to. You should ever be so lucky as to hope to even be near such an absolutely delicious creature as this. Nigel

  • noneofyourbusiness

    you’re a fucking sick bastard & your obviously jealous beacuse a girl even remotely as hott as gemma would never even piss on you if you were on fire.

    go fuck yourself you sad, ad little boy. & u may think i was talking to ur dick but i’m talking 2 both of you.

  • 80% of the chicks ive fucked so far in my life have been hotter than this mutated alien.

    and the other 20% that werent, i was drunk so i either DIDNT know who i was messing with until i wolk up in the AM and had to make a quick getaway, or well, i got sexually assaulted (as opposed to appeppered)

    so i gather you all arent talking to me.

  • Paquita

    I’m sure she’s seen better days, but her forehead is huge! She looks like the Olsen Trolls, playing dress up with mommy’s make up and clothes. She looks 13 years old…..and that’s not a compliment.

  • marty

    Are you insane?

  • Paquita

    # marty Says:
    March 2nd, 2008 at 2:43 am

    Are you insane?

    Who are you talking to?

  • Dgirl22

    I swear this chick looks like an older version of that little girl from War of the Worlds. I think her name is Dakota Fanning.

  • president Hillary Clinton

    This ho look OK, nothing remarkable. Don’t overestimate fame; just cause some people put money on her appearing in films there are a lot better-lookin and better fukkin pussies with no fame at all. I swear anybody could get Lindsay Lohan-Britney Spears quality pussy in most clubs.

  • Nicholas

    Are you nigger’s crazy, Gemma is fuckin hott! You guy’s are probably fucking gurl’s who are trashy bitch’s who have no fuckin brain’s at all. She get’s paid thousand’s if not round a million to do photo shoot’s. What do you fuckin idiot’s know!!!!!!!

  • Deyan

    If I were to have only ones a sex with a mulier (the latin for a woman) I would rather sacrifice my libidinal gratification in order to have it with Jemma Ward. It should be sufficient! She is a legitimate model, nay an ethereal sylph. One of the houris descended from the empyrean.
    That soft daisy-fresh muliebrity of hers is her most salient attestation to her serene and most innocent pulchritude.

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