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Gemma Ward is Heath Ledger’s Girlfriend and She Looks Like a Wreck of the Day

Here are some pictures of Gemma Ward, one of Heath Ledger’s vaginas before he died, who is a model and she looks like she is taking his death to heart by lookin’ like death. She’s obviously celebrating his life by not showering and doing the drugs he forgot in her apartment to cope with the loss.

That said, there’s nothing like a good vulnerable mourning girl to move in on because they are easy and fucking a girl while she cries feels like home to me, not because I am depraved but because that’s what I do whenever my wife fucks me….

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Heath Ledger’s Body Being Taken Out of His Apartment of the Day

You’ve probably all heard the updates on this story. Ledger didn’t die of the AIDS he got on the set of Brokeback Mountain and he didn’t kill himself because he couldn’t live with himself for having had sex with Lohan or because of his ex Michelle Williams who got knocked up by him and locked him down by keeping the baby. He died by accidentally taking too many over the counter sleeping pills and it was rumored to have happened in Mary Kate Olsen’s New York apartment, but that was later proven to be a lie.

I don’t know why I am putting up the pictures of the body being taken out because it’s pretty fucking depressing to look at and almost as morbid as you can get, but let’s just hope dude staged this death like he was Elvis and is moving to that mystical island celebrities who “die” prematurely go to so that he can finally live his dream of producing a Biggy and Tupac album with Andy Kaufman or some shit.

Even though lots of people die before they turn 28, shit’s still too young and it’s too bad that Hollywood drags these kids through the mud forcing them to live these lives of drug and alcohol fueled excess, but we all know if any of us were in their situations, with their level of disposable income and free time, we probably would have died a long fucking time ago. That said, here’s one more Rest in Peace Mate.

That said, I don’t judge and know pretty much nothing about this dude, I just think the whole things too bad and to celebrate dude’s life, I am going go watch some Kangaroo mating videos, but between you and me, I was planning on doing that anyway.

Here are some pictures of Lohan wearing her black tights and showing how sad she is that her ex fling died by hanging out with some new cock…..I guess it’s one of those “to get over someone you get under someone else” situations…but then again getting under someone else is kinda Lohan’s life story…..Let’s expect this emotional time to be the excuse Lohan’s been waiting for to go back to the bottle because she’s already milked her parent’s divorce as much as she’s milked every cock she’s come across.

Update – Fine, I take it back, here’s Lohan sad on the phone since Ledger died or she’s on the phone with her agent and he just told her to act sad because it’s good for business or she just found out she spent all her money and can’t afford designer leggings or she just realized that all the herpes rumors are true or she just realized that she has a yeast infection and can’t fuck for a week or…I don’t fuckin’ know….she look sad.

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Heath Ledger “The Joker” Found Dead of the Day

I just heard that Heath Ledger was found dead in his apartment in NYC today at 3 pm today. I figured that I’d post an RIP because that shit is fucked. They aren’t releasing any information in how he died, but I am guessing it is all Michelle Williams’ fault for filing divorce with him or Lohan’s fault for giving herpes that could have lead to a drug overdose or suicide and I keep wanting to make a joke about him getting AIDS in Brokeback Mountain, but this dude’s got a two year old daughter and now she’ll be growing up without a daddy and that shit is not worth laughing about, so unfortunately this cowboy has taken the final ride into the sunset, but you’re still alive so enjoy it.

Read the Article that Says He Had a Drug Overdose

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Brokeback Mountain Not Gay

Anne Hathaway

Michelle Williams

All this hype about gay cowboys and Oscars and men kissing men, or men fucking men in cowboy hats and in tents is just hollywood hype. I saw the movie and I saw nothing gay about it…..Both guys were married, and here’s the proof that this movie is about Michelle William’s and The Princess Bride bitch’s tits, within a gay love story….I’m telling you, it’s a lot easier to get a bitch naked if you sell her on the fact that you are making “Art” not “Porn”. I don’t know why I am telling you my tricks….I guess it’s to prove my point that hollywood’s using my line too and that despite all the gayness, these guys were just friends, alone in the woods, with nothing better to do. They just thought they were gay, cuz they fucked each other one summer. If fucking a man for a summer made someone gay, I’d bet a lot of you would have a lot of explianing to do. Now look at the tits, Homos.

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