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Beetle Juice Knocked Jake Gyllenhaal Out of the Day

So the freak from Howard Stern Beetle Juice was getting interviewed by TMZ paparazzi where he apparently said he knocked Jake Gyllenhaal out….I guess on set of Bubble Boy ….I can’t be too sure because I don’t understand anything that he’s saying, other than that Jake Gyllenhaal is a prick…or gay….and I have to agree…

Some of you don’t know this, but Gyllenhaal is the only celebrity I almost had a physical altercation with when he was filming in Montreal Canada. He was dancing like a princesss in a restaurant with some groupies….and I walked up to him and asked if he killed Heath Ledger or something to that effect…I was drunk…and dude went nuts, got in my face, security pulled me away before it was actually a fight and he ended up pushing the girl I was with….aggressively…like a mental case….

It was a story that got on all the mainstream media. His legal team and the team at Disney came at me to change my story on the site….to which I said “I’ll just post the video instead”…and that was the end of the Jake Gyllenhaal story….

But after that experience, I agree that he’s a prick, likely gay, craves attention like a girl..while dancing like a girl, and is probably 140 lbs and as intimidating as a girl….and I know there’s no doubt that Beetle Juice could knock him out…probably with one bitch slap….and that’s the end of this post.

Post sent in by my friend Foetus La Plantain- the Drunken stepFORUM Member of the Month – and religious TMZ reader.

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Anne Hathaway’s Tits & Jake Gyllenhaal’s Tiny Gay Penis in Love and Other Drugs of the Day

I used to think Anne Hathaway’s tits were a big deal. Now I don’t. I figure it is because I am desensitized and figure all tits are tits, and I just don’t care, but I guess finally getting to see them fully topless in this movie “Love and Other Drugs” is better than nothing. Maybe even something I’d almost care about if it happened a few years ago when she was just coming up.

Unfortunately, they come with Jake Gyllenhaal little, obscure, probably limp cuz girls aren’t Heath Ledger, cock.

I have seen this guy in action, he has had me kicked out of a club for making fun of his homosexuality, I have seen him have a hissy fit like a spoiled diva girl, and now I’ve seen his little useless cock.

Here are the pics.

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Brokeback Mountain Not Gay

Anne Hathaway

Michelle Williams

All this hype about gay cowboys and Oscars and men kissing men, or men fucking men in cowboy hats and in tents is just hollywood hype. I saw the movie and I saw nothing gay about it…..Both guys were married, and here’s the proof that this movie is about Michelle William’s and The Princess Bride bitch’s tits, within a gay love story….I’m telling you, it’s a lot easier to get a bitch naked if you sell her on the fact that you are making “Art” not “Porn”. I don’t know why I am telling you my tricks….I guess it’s to prove my point that hollywood’s using my line too and that despite all the gayness, these guys were just friends, alone in the woods, with nothing better to do. They just thought they were gay, cuz they fucked each other one summer. If fucking a man for a summer made someone gay, I’d bet a lot of you would have a lot of explianing to do. Now look at the tits, Homos.

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