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Mickey Rourke’s Young Tanned Pussy of the Day

Mickey Rourke is filming in Montreal and I assume that means his young tanned groupie pussy is here with him, because part of being celebrity pussy is following the celebrity wherever the fuck they go. He’s here until May and that gives me enough time to get the word out to his people that I want to be in the room one day to film them fucking for this site. I’m not how far this pitch will go, or if I’ll get him on board, but there’s always hope that he’s staying somewhere that doesn’t have curtains so that I don’t actually need his involvement to get what I want, which is seeing this tanned twat’s twat showing me all the moves that tricks older rich men into giving her the good life….

Pics via Bauer

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Mickey Rourke Hot Groupie Pussy of the Day

I shouldn’t call this girl a groupie, I mean Miceky Rourke seems pretty cool and I’m sure his plastic face has never had an issue getting pussy, but I do think her lack of interest while talking on her phone with her friend in her native Russian that Rourke doesn’t understand goes a little something like this….”Oh my god, I met Mickey Rourke last night….He’s the guy from the movie the Wrestler…I told you there were famous people everywhere in America…of course I fucked him…yeah he’s alright he just looks in the mirror a lot…I don’t know how I should get him to marry me…see if he marries me I will be at all the events and he has friends who can get me work so that I can live the American dream…I know I am too hot for him…but seriously he won an Oscar…That’s like winning three coupons for rationed bread back home”…..if you know what I mean….

Pics via Bauer

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Mickey Rourke is Still Fucking Hot Skinny Big Footed Pussy of the Day

The funny picture about Mickey Rourke in these pictures is that he wants to look like he’s all rock and roll, you know with his whole weathered drug addict who was in a meth lab fire face, giving the finger to the paparazzi, while knowing that the paparazzi are his friends and the only reason this hot pussy with big feet is walking in public with him, if there was no celebrity and there was no fame, and he wasn’t in the movies and wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, he’d just be some weird lookin’ dude on the street that a bitch like this would probably not bother throwing money at, because she’d be too scared he’d back alley rape her, so it is safe to say she’s with him because we all have dreams and sometimes letting Mickey Rourke inside of you is a means to an end or some shit….

Pics via INF

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Mickey Rourke’s Tall Skinny Pussy of the Day

I am pretty slow moving today. I partially blame drinking hard last night but also blame my lack of drive, ambition or real interest in all this celebrity bullshit, mainly because giving these garbage people more attention is perpetuating their egos and lifestyle and I hate taking part of that, if anything, it digusts me.

You see I am not really relevant or making any difference on the world, no one reads my shit and I shouldn’t even bother doing this, because hollywood takes someone who looks like some of the crackhead panhandlers on the street I hang with and throws hot tall skinny pussy lookn for fame, money and amazing lifestyles their way and I don’t get any of that, it is a constant reminder of how much I suck at life and where I went wrong, because between you and me, I don’t need the constant reminder, it’s already pretty clear to me.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Mickey Rourke Porn of the Day

Here’s some Mickey Rourke making out with his girlfriend and by making out I mean giving her a little kiss. Don’t ask me why I am posting it, because I really don’t know, I think at the time I uploaded the pictures because I thought they were funny, but now I am not sure why I thought they were funny, so I guess I’ll keep them up there for those of you who haven’t been able to get his rippling half naked greased up body in The Wrestler. I’m talking to you sexually confused wrestling fan.

Since you love penis – you may like this clip…

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Mickey Rourke Goes Prospecting for Cocaine of the Day

I always loved ripping lines with people who had a cold. It’d be a fucking mess that always ended with them blowing their noses and eating their fuckin snot because shit was jacked with coke and they wanted it in them. The desperation of seeing someone picking their nose and eating it because they can’t afford another 40 bag is funny to me, it’s almost as bad as eating your own shit because you have no money for food and you’re hungry and ate peanuts earlier that day and figure a second round will tide you over or some shit.

I always hated that no one gives a shit when I pick my nose, but when rocker/fighter/biker/wrestler Mickey Rourke does it, people like me are talking about it. It’s all pretty fucking pathetic if you ask me, which you didn’t. So I’ll just crawl into my corner and shut up.

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Mickey Rourke Molests a Fan of the Day

I don’t know whether this girl is actually a fan of Mickey Rourke’s, maybe she’s just some random person on the street who thinks he’s some kind of hospital patient suffering from some kind of birth defect and by the kindness of her heart and her new year’s resolution to be more of a empathetic to suffering people and she felt the need to give him a fucking hug, because his face is so battered and jacked on botox that he looks like he’s in pain. I guess it’s possible that she’s some girl he randomly brought home at some point in his career and he’s pretending he remembers her pussy, or maybe he’s just there taking advantage of his fame and showing the world pussy is just thrown at him, because I won’t admit that girls are willing to sacrifice their standards and suck up to someone, just because they are famous. Even though, I know that when I hug random girls and stroke their backs in public, they usually aren’t smiling like this star struck whore, and screaming bloody murder.

I guess it really doesn’t matter becuase this is Mickey Rourke and despite his success, he doesn’t matter and either do his grabby hands or the sluts that want those hands inside them….

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