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Mickey Rourke Molests a Fan of the Day

I don’t know whether this girl is actually a fan of Mickey Rourke’s, maybe she’s just some random person on the street who thinks he’s some kind of hospital patient suffering from some kind of birth defect and by the kindness of her heart and her new year’s resolution to be more of a empathetic to suffering people and she felt the need to give him a fucking hug, because his face is so battered and jacked on botox that he looks like he’s in pain. I guess it’s possible that she’s some girl he randomly brought home at some point in his career and he’s pretending he remembers her pussy, or maybe he’s just there taking advantage of his fame and showing the world pussy is just thrown at him, because I won’t admit that girls are willing to sacrifice their standards and suck up to someone, just because they are famous. Even though, I know that when I hug random girls and stroke their backs in public, they usually aren’t smiling like this star struck whore, and screaming bloody murder.

I guess it really doesn’t matter becuase this is Mickey Rourke and despite his success, he doesn’t matter and either do his grabby hands or the sluts that want those hands inside them….

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